Your guide to buying a big house in Narberth, PA

Buying a big house in Narberth is not unusual. You can find many really big houses in the borough in Montgomery County called Narbeth. Even though downsizing is very popular at the moment big houses won’t ever go out of style. They are simply too convenient and amazing to just go out of style. Also, downsizing became a necessity and that’s why it’s popular not because it’s nice to live in a very small place. For example, if you have a couple of kids how convenient would it be to have separate rooms for everyone, a backyard for the kids to play when the weather is nice, separate bathrooms?

Perks of living in a big house in Narbeth

There are a lot of perks of living in a big house. You have space for everything you need and don’t have to find new solutions every time you buy something new. For the kids, it’s obvious they have a lot of room to play and run around. There are some downsides of course – you have to vacuum that big house daily but there are simply too many pros to mind the vacuuming. So if you are considering buying a big house in Narbeth we say go for it! You will have the luxury of space and you will live in a nice place. According to Niche Narbeth was in 2019 named the best place to live in Pennsylvania.

A house yone might want to consider when buying a big house in Narberth
There are simply way too many good sides to living in a big house to be bothered with the fact that they are hard to vacuum.

Finding a big house in Narbeth

There is no shortage of real estate and houses in Pennsylvania. This is not NY or California, you can easily find a big house here. Of course not every big house will suit you. Before you start searching think about how many rooms you want, how many bathrooms, how big the yard do you wish for, do you need a basement or attic and that sort of thing and you can start from there. You can look online for houses but the best route is to hire a real estate agent to help you with house hunting. This is their job after all to find you the best house at the best possible price so consider at least interviewing a couple of agents and see for yourself if they can be useful or not.

Who can help you along the way

Financing a big house is not easy. Narberth and Pennsylvania are generally some of the places with reasonable housing prices but buying a big house is never cheap. No matter where you are buying so be prepared for a lot of zeros. That’s why we have banks. They are here to help you to finance that big house you dream about. Of course, they have a few conditions of their own. For example, you need to have a good credit score. The better your credit score is the better the mortgage rates will they give you. One thing they also ask for is a down payment. Commonly down payments are somewhere around 10 or 15%. This should be discussed with your banker so go as soon as possible and they will present you with all the options they have for you and from there on you will be able to plan.

A big house with a big yard.
To buy a house this big you will be needing a lot of money.

Choosing where to live in Narberth

If you have kids that it might be convenient to live near one of two school districts. Young couples will prefer the Main Line – that’s where the fun happenings are after all. Choosing is something we cant help you a lot with. You need to check out this place on your own and see where do you like and talk to your family members. Make sure everybody is included in this decision. That’s the only way for everyone to be happy but know that wherever you find a house you will love it there. When you do find the place, Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia will be there for your next step.

Moving after buying a big house in Narberth

After buying a big house in Narberth the next step will of course be – relocation. You surely can’t wait to move to your new place. This is the hard part. Now you have to pack all your belongings and make sure they are secured enough for the road. Then you have to deal with all that planning, preparations, logistics, and such. This won’t be easy but you can do it and sooner you are done sooner you will start your new life in your dream house.

The adaptation process

The only way to make it faster is to unpack as soon as you can. Skilled teams are there to assist you, we are talking of course about local movers. They can help you unpack quickly and settle in. It’s important to do that as soon as possible because then you will truly see your new house for what it really is – your new home and you can start decorating it to your liking.

Various items in and next to a suitcase.
Packing and unpacking are both equally boring jobs but they need to be done.

Decorating your new home

After buying a big house in Narberth and relocating, the final step will be settling in and decorating it. If you have kids, make sure to include them in this process. After all, this is a place all of you will call home from now on so you all should participate in making it a home. Even toddlers can be included, you can make them a grow chart in one corner and they can make some small ornaments for the Christmas tree or something.

Good luck with the whole process of finding and buying a house. Hopefully, soon enough you will find the perfect one just like you imagined it!

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