Ways to pack food for long-distance relocation

If you are moving to a new city or state, packing may be a little bit different than packing for moving locally. Food is one of the things people pack when moving, therefore, how to pack food for long-distance relocation?

Moving perishable items

First of all, you should know that moving perishable food long distance is not recommended and moving companies will not transport it. That is why most people are using food in their freezer and fridge before moving. They want to cook everything, and they don’t need to throw it away.

Moving perishable food is only allowed when moving locally, within the same city. When big companies are transporting food to supermarkets, for example, they are suing special climate-controlled moving trucks. That is too expensive for ordinary people and it is not affordable for moving a small amount of perishable food.

food in a fridge.
Before moving, use most of your food and create new dishes for you and your family

One month before the final moving day, see what food you have in the freezer. Make your favorite dishes and enjoy. If you are moving on short notice, you better give perishable food to your neighbors and friends. Or, if you have a lot of perishable food, you can donate and help someone. Decluttering (not only the kitchen) can help you reduce long-distance relocation costs in the end.

Moving non-perishable food

When moving long-distance, perishable food can be only in your personal bag. For example, snacks for kids. When packing essentials for your relocation you should all the things you may need during moving and immediately after moving to a new home.

Opened cans and bags with food, cannot be moved. It is the first rule. Don’t mix other items with your food in moving boxes. Label each moving box, including the box with food inside. When it comes to boxes, plastic boxes with snapping lids are best for food storage, so use them instead of cardboard ones.

Food in portable fridge.
If you are travelling by car, get portable fridge and put some of the food there

Keeping your pantry box tidy will avoid finding a mess when you arrive at a new home. Put heavier items on the bottom and lighter on top. You can also use dividers to keep everything upright.

When to pack food for long-distance relocation?

When it comes to the packing process, when is the right time to pack food for long-distance relocation? Do not start immediately with packing your food. First, try to use most of your food before moving because this way you will cut some of the moving costs. Check the expiration date on the package. Only pack things with more than 6 months remaining – the rest of the food, eat now, or give to your friends. Food should be packed last. If you are moving with kids, don’t forget to pack snacks for them.

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