Tour through Arkansas rural homes’ architecture

Although not a place commonly associated with beautiful architecture, Arkansas is a hidden gem of the American South. Did you know that the famous mill from Gone with the wind is located in Arkansas? What was that? Yes, exactly the one that serves as the featured image of this article. If you plan on buying a new home somewhere in the South, Arkansas may just be the place you’ve been dreaming of. What was that again? You want a nice little home far away from big-city crowds? Say no more. In the article below, we’ll introduce you to the beautiful Arkansas rural homes’ architecture. The house of your dreams might be just around the corner.

Greek revival architecture

Picture the US Supreme Court building in your mind. Does it remind you of a place? Is that place Athens or some other preserved city from the Classical antiquity period? At some point, housebuilders in the US upstarted the revival. It was the style of the time and time was the mid-19th century. To be precise – somewhere between the 1830s and 1870s. Anyway, housebuilders and architects all around Europe and America were fascinated by old Roman and Greek architecture. It was a time filled with romantic idealism and nostalgia for lost worlds. It’s no wonder the architectural styles of that period mirrored the general atmosphere of the Western world. So, if you’re a history fan you’ll love it in Arkansas. In that case – beautiful porches supported by Greek columns await you.

Supreme Court in Washington, DC
The finest example of Greek revival style – Supreme Court of The United States, Washington DC.

French Colonial style

All over Arkansas, you find houses built in the famous French Colonial style. History lovers know this, but Arkansas was at some point before the 19th century a part of the French Colonial Empire. These houses are cultural remnants of the colonization period. Today most of the buildings and houses built in the French Colonial style can be found in Quebec, Canada. How strange, right? Anyway, these beauties you can easily spot in Arkansas. Search for your dream house with a New Orleans vibe, but in rural Arkansas. And don’t worry. All around the state you can expect quality moving services. If the search for an ideal house prolongs itself you have local professionals to back you up. In case of a long-distance move, you should definitely join forces with the best crews, and see how will that turn out.

Colonial revival style

Most American homes built in this style date back to the period between the 1910s and 1930s. Although the style has been present since the second half of the 19th century, it was most popular during the stated period. The same goes for rural Arkansas, of course. Amazing houses that imitate the architecture of the first period of the European colonization of North America. The dominant influences in the Colonial Revival style are Georgian and Federal architecture. Both were born in the 18th century.

Fairytale outdoors

Now, this sounds kind of strange. A paragraph about the nature in Arkansas when we’re supposed to be talking about architecture. Well, it should come as no surprise, and here’s why. The thing is that there should be some kind of shared energy between manmade housing objects and the nature they’re supposed to be surrounded by. You don’t need to be a student of architecture or something to figure that one out. Anyway, Arkansas is well-known for its fairytale-ish outdoor nature. If you’re a nature lover you’ll adore your new surroundings once you settle in rural Arkansas. The above-mentioned collaboration between manmade objects and nature is still pretty successful in Arkansas.

A woman sitting on a cliff.
One thing’s for sure – nature lovers will enjoy beautiful Arkansas outdoors.

The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program

Now, this one also has nothing to do with architectural styles. Wait a minute – that was a blatant lie. The so-called AHPP is a state agency concerned with preserving historical heritage. Some sites are so tightly woven with history it’d be a crime if someone was to change or, in the worst caste scenario, erase them completely. Most US states have historical districts protected by law. Arkansas is no exception. Type into your image search bar: Eureka Springs, Arkansas historical district. It’s pretty safe to assume you’re already in love with the place. In that case – contact your local real estate agent to see what can be done.

A judge's hammer. Historical Arkansas rural homes' architecture is protected by US law.
Historical Arkansas rural homes’ architecture is protected by US law.

Families moving to Arkansas

You’ve probably heard about this but let’s say it anyway. In the past couple of years, we’ve seen an influx of families moving to Arkansas. Great neighborhoods, beautiful countryside, and lots of space for your children to safely play is something every family will know how to value, right? Anyway, take your kids out on a trip to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, AR to see the famous Frank Lloyd Wright’s Bachman-Wilson house. It’s a great way for them to learn about the history of architecture. Sounds like a plan, right? If you’re a family-oriented type of person you’ll certainly find Arkansas as a quite interesting place.

A quick summary

We’re nearing the end of this article. It’s time for a quick walk-through. Many historical styles present in the cities all around Europe and America you can easily spot in Arkansas. French Colonial, Georgian, Neoclassical – to name a few examples. The outdoors in Arkansas are outstanding. The manmade housing objects and their surrounding nature are in sync. That being said – it should come as no surprise more and more families are choosing Arkansas as their new home. Don’t you think? Beautiful landscapes that’ll take your breath away and well-preserved historical sites are a big plus. Also, historical districts in Arkansas, as in every other state, are protected by US law.

Hopefully, this article on Arkansas rural homes’ architecture has been helpful to you and it carried you close to making some sort of a decision. Best of luck.

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