Top-rated neighborhoods in NYC for young professionals

New York City is a dream of many people all around the world. It’s a place for everyone, and you will hardly feel out of place no matter what you want. And, the ambitions are different. From promising job opportunities and better living standards to excellent pastime activities. However, young people want all of these. But what happens when you finally get the chance to move there and start creating new life? Picking the best neighborhood is crucial. That’s why we think you’ll like our special list of top-rated neighborhoods in NYC for young professionals.

1. Murray Hill – a neighborhood in Manhattan

This Manhattan neighborhood is very suitable for the young because of its quite affordable rentals. Life in Manhattan is everything but cheap. Thus every reasonable rental option is more than acceptable. And especially for young people at the beginning of their professional careers, who still need to work hard in order to buy their own Manhattan real estate. Another great thing about the neighborhood is its lifestyle. In fact, Murray Hill is among the top five neighborhoods in the whole city of New York. It’s lively and casual. Young people are everywhere. So, if you stop by some of the bars at the end of your working day, chances are high you will meet some great people and make nice friendships.

There are some buildings and some cars on the street of Manhattan, a place with some of the top-rated neighborhoods in NYC for young professionals.
You surely want to know what’s so special about living in Manhattan.

2. Bayside Рour suggestion among the top-rated neighborhoods in NYC for young professionals 

A perfect neighborhood for all those who prefer diverse and liberal communities. Although Queens County, where this neighborhood belongs, isn’t well known for being spacious, Bayside is the total opposite. This neighborhood’s open areas are big and abundant with great nature. Hiking and biking are only some of the activities the residents are able to practice every day. In Bayside you’ll see numerous beautiful parks where people of all ages find their peace and joy.

On the other hand, the neighborhood of Bayside has a really strong-knit community, and the residents are always kind and open-hearted. That is especially important for young people who come to live in the neighborhood and are worried about their social life. In fact, soon after you settle down and become part of their community, you’ll start feeling at home. And when it comes to the relocation matters, you don’t have to worry since you can leave it to the experts in the area. They’ll organize your move, and help you settle down in no time.

There are some young people looking at a laptop.
Meeting new interesting people will be fun.

3. Lower East Side- the popular Loisaida

This inspirational neighborhood in Manhattan is a perfect place that gives so many options for having a good and fulfilled life. Affordable and with the accessibility to practically everything that young professionals may need. If you are already saving some money to relocate to NYC, you’ll be happy to hear that in the Lower East Side neighborhood you can easily find something both good and affordable. There you’ll find everything, from the pre-war old-fashioned buildings to the nice modern high-rise condos. And all of this, practically, in the center of the Manhattan area. What’s more, the crime rate is rather low. This is especially important for all the young professionals who are moving to the neighborhood and who are about to live alone.

4. Bushwick – in the borough of Brooklyn

Bushwick can boast with a really large community and the area which is dense and urban. People who live there are generally of different backgrounds, which can be excellent news for all the newcomers. No matter where you come from, in Bushwick you’ll not feel like a stranger. But this diversity is not strictly connected with the neighborhood’s residents only. On the contrary, once when you come to live in Bushwick you’ll find out that the place itself is very diverse. It is a perfect combination of urban lifestyle, highly-rated education, religion, nature, culture, and, of course, nightlife.

And at the top of everything, the system of public transportation is accessible and functions pretty well, no matter where in the neighborhood you decide to settle in. What’s more, since we have already mentioned the moving in process, make it easy for yourself and hire some of the best Bushwick movers to help you out.

There are some buildings and a bridge.
Meet the streets of Brooklyn.

5. Williamsburg- the so-called Billyburg

It’s time to present another very popular moving destination when it comes to the Brooklyn neighborhoods. What makes it one of the best-rated neighborhoods in NYC for young professionals is that it somehow manages to create the best combination of the good old classy Brooklyn charm and the hastily NYC lifestyle. However, if those were the things that made you relocate to the Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg, reasonable rents and living costs are definitely something that will make you stay there. In fact, the average monthly rent in this neighborhood is among the most affordable ones in the NYC area.

6. Chelsea – the west part of Manhattan borough

A nice and safe neighborhood and a friendly community. Those would be the first impressions one can get when they first arrive in Chelsea. It is a place that has everything a young person needs. A lively lifestyle, with a lot of open-hearted people to meet. You’ll have numerous shops and public transportation that enables you to get everywhere you want effectively. Pubs and great restaurants ensure rich and good nightlife. And for those who are culture lovers, it is good to know that Chelsea offers several art galleries and museums all over the neighborhood. Generally speaking, it is a place with so many interesting things to do in your free time.¬† What’s more, people who live there like to say it is a neighborhood that offers many opportunities. So, maybe you should try it. And for all relocation information see Teddy Moving and Storage and hire some help.

Final words

Now you’ve seen the best we have to offer. Which of these top-rated neighborhoods in NYC for young professionals would be your final choice? Weigh the pros and cons for each of our suggestions and then decide. You can literally make no mistake!

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