Top-rated neighborhoods for singles in Denver

Singles in Denver have a lot of fun. Real estate in the Denver area covers a wide range of ages, styles, sizes, prices, and more because of the city’s many distinct neighborhoods. Most of them can be amazing for singles. As if learning all the subtleties of the neighborhoods wasn’t enough, they also have unique community vibes and different names for the same area. That can be pretty fun. Feeling lost about how to get started? Let us help you out so you can choose the best among top-rated neighborhoods for singles in Denver.


This is a trendy area. Many young people live here. Many of them are single. The location is very convenient. You can get to Denver International Airport very quickly – in a matter of minutes, in fact. The nightlife is amazing and there are plenty of bars for singles. But it is a pretty fun place during the day as well. You can find a lot of eclectic shops in the area. Also, according to statistics – this is a pretty safe place. This can also be a great place for couples with kids, you just need some good survival tips.

A couple sitting on a fence.
Maybe you can find your soulmate here.


They call it the Brooklyn of Colorado. This is the trend-settling area and many young singles live here. You will find here some of the best art galleries, bars, and restaurants. You will also find some of the best parties here. Not all singles like to party but for those who do – this is the right place. This is also a great place if you are moving with your pets.


Lower Downton (LoDo) is undoubtedly one of the most popular among neighborhoods for singles in Denver. If you like the industrial charm of old Denver, you will love it here. This is also an excellent place for young professionals. There are a lot of job opportunities to be found here. Historic and yet modern charm is what you can see all around this place. Shopping and nightlife are superb as well.

wine tasting
This is a fun place.

City Park

This is the oldest neighborhood in this city. If you are looking for those amazing Victorian homes you will find them here. This is a posh area and some singles do not want to party. Some of them want to have fun on the golf course for example. Well, this s just the place for them. This area has so many amenities so once you do find your partner and decide to settle down you will want to stay put because this can also be an amazing place to raise kids. If you choose to call City Park a home make sure to find some help first. Nearby pros can jump in and make the whole process of moving in, unpacking, and settling in easy.


This is a very laid-back area. You get the hassle-free vibe all around this neighborhood. Even the home prices are laid back. We are joking but the fact is that this is one of the most affordable areas. Sunnyside is a perfect place for outdoorsy and active singles in Denver so you should definitely research it.

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