Top 7 cities in Alabama for newlyweds

The big day has passed. Your wedding was divine, and the cake even better. You’ve spent a couple of days unwrapping presents. It’s time for a break. So you’re driving in your Just Married car, with your soulmate, wondering where to go and what to do now. It is a hot summer day, with just enough breeze from the rolled-down windows, and you hear it on the radio. ’’Sweet Home Alabama, where the skies are so blue’’. And while you’re singing your lungs out, even though you may know just the verse, you think to yourselves – maybe it’s a hint. You’re already starting your life together, why not start fresh someplace new? From scratch. And don’t worry if it’s the peak of the season. If you survived the most important family reunion called reunion, you can pull anything off. If so, here is our present to you – the top 7 cities in Alabama for newlyweds.

Sweet home Alabama

Probably the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions Alabama is the song by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Whether you are seven or seventy-seven, you’ve probably heard it at least once in your life.

Clay road through the woods
And you can’t help but wonder. Are the skies so blue, as it’s said in the song? And oh boy, they are.

Leave your heart in the heart of Dixie

Though known for its iron and steel natural resources, the heart of the state is its residents and their hospitality. If you’re seriously thinking of moving to Alabama, besides finding the right moving company, you should get to know it a little better. Financially speaking.

  • Thanks to the rising job growth rate, it is ranked no. 4 top states doing business
  • Compared to the national average, gasoline, housing and healthcare are significantly lower
  • Transportation and groceries are also way lower than in other states
  • Utilities are somewhat more expensive. But that’s reasonable. While enjoying blue skies and sun, you’re probably going to leave AC going at your home, but,
  • Low sales taxes at just 4% compensate for your pricey cooling effect.

So, chill out, and don’t worry. This state got you covered. The only thing that should worry you is which of the top 7 cities in Alabama for newlyweds you should choose to be your newly-wedded home.

Top 7 cities in Alabama with a newlywed vibe

The state is filled with exciting cities to enjoy and explore. Now comes the harder part – which city to choose? It may not be as simple as choosing the right relocation application to install on your phone, but you’ll work your way out.  So let’s talk about the cities that made it to our list:

  1. Montgomery
  2. Birmingham
  3. Huntsville
  4. Mountain Brook
  5. Southside
  6. Montevallo
  7. Mobile

The beautiful coastline and the weather that allows you to enjoy it year-round are just some of the things that confirm the fact Alabama is a gem. You can adapt to that lifestyle very fast. Located in the deep south, its rich culture affected the States as they are today. With a population of over 4 million, this state is a very popular place to live. Just like the following towns.


Although it isn’t the most populous city, it is the state’s capital. The birthplace of civil rights movements and the annual Shakespeare festival, this city will grow to your hearts very fast. And, it’s got a lot of greenery and parks that you can explore by bike. The home prices are also below the national average, which is very convenient for newly-wedded couples.


With a population of over 200000 residents, it is the most populated city and one of the perfect cities in Alabama for newlyweds. Early in the days, it was called a magic city because of its fast-growing population, due to a lot of people who were coming to work. Nowadays, people are coming for low house prices and high-rated education.

The most beautiful and desirable community in Birmingham is considered to be Crestwood, AL, with rising shop numbers, and a lot of parks. Some of them even got a pool to enjoy in summer. So if you’re thinking about relocating, you should consider this an option. And, talking about moving, professional assistance is at your disposal, for anything you need.

Bellingrath Gardens in one of the cities in Alabama for newlyweds
Enjoy the states picturesque scenery


Also known as the rocket city, it is reviving during the past few years. With a population of over 180,000 people and rising, it is probably going to become the most populous city in Alabama in the next 10 years. Lots of pubs, cafeterias, and beautiful nature are what draw new residents to come from all over the State.  And because of that, house prices are a little higher than in the other cities on our list but still below the national average.

Mountain Brook

It is considered one of the upscale cities. You’ve got Zoo, a botanical garden, and one of the most beautiful properties in the state. It’s also got some of the best public schools, and a very low crime rate, which makes it perfect for raising a family. Since it is such a desirable area, houses and costs are a little higher. But it all compensates through the salary – even three times the national average. Sounds tempting, right? So why not contact and book yourself a moving date to this beautiful city


Set on the banks of the Coosa River, and an hour drive from Birmingham, it is one of the most attractive cities in Alabama. A growing city with beautiful scenery, and lots of golfing parks, it came way far from being just a rural community in the past. Crime rates here are pretty low, and so a the hosing prices. Once again below the national average, and once again, one of the perfect cities in Alabama for newlyweds and families. Like the one that you are now.


Our list of the top 7 cities in Alabama wouldn’t be complete without this city. Though mostly known as a college city, with a population a lot smaller than other names on our list, around 5,000, it is a 45-minutes-from-Birmingham paradise. Numerous parks easily accessible by bike, and picturesque nature is something that stands out. A lot of Americans would call it their dream home. So why not you? Don’t be shy, ask trained teams to help you around packing and relocating, and hurry to take your spot in the famous Orr park.

Sweet home sign with a key on tulips
Be one of many to call this place home


A good-looking city with a beautiful skyline (maybe just the one from the song), though last on our list, it’s not the least in anything. Besides its divine nature, especially in the spring when blooming azaleas turn the city and its parks into a purple and pink paradise, this city offers diverse entertainment and cultural events. Though a little bit pricier than the other six cities, it is still very affordable.

It’s time for the honeymoon!

We came to the end of our top 7 cities in Alabama. There are a lot of other cities in the state that are equally nice but don’t have that newly-wed vibe. These are what we considered perfect cities in Alabama for newlyweds like you. So hurry, and be one of the people who call this their sweet home.

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