Tips for moving in a peak season

Moving in a peak season has its pros and cons too. Summer months are a period when most people move to a new home. Kids are finished with school, it is a vacation time, the weather and road conditions, etc. If you are one of these people who move during the season, then you will definitely need some tips to handle a move easier and less stressful. Be ready for relocation and for starting a new life in a new home.

How to handle moving in a peak season?

No matter if you have months to prepare for moving or you are having last-minute moving – moving when everyone is moving can be really stressful.  It the busiest season for moving companies because most families are moving on a summer.

Reading a book.
Summer is time for relaxing, but when you have to move, there are some many tasks to do

Maybe it is not the best time to relocate, but it is usually a must.

  • Plan ahead – get moving estimates, create a moving checklist, book a move as soon as possible, etc. If you start early with moving preparations, chances are greater to move stress-free.
  • Move in the beginning of a month – avoid moving the last weekend of the month because it is the busiest period for relocation.
  • Provide a bigger moving budget – moving in a peak season is more expensive because moving companies are busy.  Sell items online before moving, pack items by yourself, try to cut some of the moving costs, etc.
  • Research moving companies – yes, moving companies are harder to book during the summer, but it does not mean you should hire any mover. Get a moving estimate, check their reputation and license, pay attention to details, etc. If you book a mover early, you are more likely to hire a better company.
  • Pack smartly – packing in the summer heat can be exhausting. Don’t underestimate how many items you have to pack. Also, if you have to pack items sensitive to high temperatures, consider renting a temperature-controlled truck and choose special packing supplies.
  • Stay hydrated on a moving day – it is very important to drink enough water when it is hot and sunny and to stay hydrated. Pack water bottles for the entire family, especially if it is a long-distance relocation.
Cold water.
Prepare cold drinks for your family and movers too. It is important to stay hydrated

Consider off-season relocation

As you can see, not only that moving in a peak season is stressful, but also more expensive. So, if you are able, consider moving during the fall and winter months. After all, you could save money by moving then. You will have more options when it comes to choosing a moving company and moving dates are convenient. It is because movers are not that busy and occupied. There are better chances to hire reliable and experienced movers off-season and also rent is cheaper.

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