The Ultimate Moving Supply List for 2020

Moving from point A to point B is a lengthy process. There are a lot of steps to consider, and a good relocation plan can make that much easier. With an ultimate, well-structured moving plan for 2020 and a solid moving supply list, your move can easily become stress and hassle-free. Before you know it, you will have successfully moved. Therefore, if you need a little bit of assistance throughout this time, read on for our tips and tricks as we provide you with the ultimate moving supply list.

Plan and Relocate

Before we start gathering all the supplies you will need for your relocation, it’s important to start with a plan in general. Using this plan as a guideline throughout moving will be beneficial as it will help you maintain organization. It will also provide you with a good visual of the entire move ahead of time. This will keep you prepared and ready for upcoming steps and tasks.

Within this plan, consider covering all the important elements of moving. In addition, start by having a budget as well. Setting up a budget will enable you to stay in the loop with your finances. It will also give you an idea of how far you can push your financial limits in case a situation calls for it.

Once you have figured out how you will approach this move and how much money you are willing to spend, it is time to put together the ultimate moving supply list. Writing a moving supply list right away and using it as a checklist to check things off as you get them will definitely make moving easier.

Moving Supply List 101

How important are moving supplies anyway? In case you might not have thought about it much, having the right moving supplies is the difference between a very successful move and a chaotic-messy one. In addition, thinking of what you might need ahead of time and creating a moving supply list will help you manage this relocation right at the start.

Packing Necessities

First things first, let’s discuss packing supplies. Packing is something that you can start well ahead. For example, the less important and not so frequently used and needed items can be packed weeks prior to the move. Breaking down your packing will also help make it simpler as you don’t have to focus on everything at once. With that being said, the first few things to write down on your moving supply list include boxes, bubble pack, and tape.

Cardboard on a pile.
Key tip-save some extra money by visiting your local shops and asking if they have boxes to spare.

Boxes are a must when moving. You can buy them, rent them, or even find some for free! If you want to buy new boxes or rent them, you could discuss this with your moving company and see what they offer. Meanwhile, if you want to save a few dollars, visit your local shops in your neighborhood! Small stores as such will receive shipments quite often, and most of the time they will throw away shipment boxes. Talk to the store owners and see if you can gather a good number of boxes to reuse for your own move. The only thing to ensure is that they are sturdy and in good condition for transfer.

Next, bubble wrap and tape will simply secure your items and prevent damage when moving. For more fragile items, make sure that they are wrapped well to avoid breakage along the way. In addition, grab a marker from your computer desk. Start labeling your boxes to make it easier for you and your movers. Knowing which box is more fragile or heavy will help keep things organized.


When it comes to larger pieces of furniture, it becomes even more important to ensure a safe transfer from your current home to your new one. Therefore, add furniture covers, stretch wrap, and a toolbox on your moving supply list. Keep your belongings from possible damage by making sure everything is packaged properly.

A pair of glasses on a laptop on a desk.
Dismantling bigger pieces of furniture will help you pack better.

It might even be a good idea to dismantle bigger pieces. For example, if you can dismantle your dining room table and pack it in a simpler manner, it will make moving easier. For other items, simply wrap and cushion more fragile pieces. You can also communicate with your movers about which items they should be more careful with.

Other Supplies

Your moving supply list also continues even when you arrive at your new home. Another tip to share with you is to have cleaning and unpacking supplies within reach once you reach your destination. These will make settling in a lot easier.

Once you get to your point B, we recommend using gloves for brining boxes in. It will make it easier to grab boxes and carry them inside. Next, have a utility knife to cut open boxes quickly and easily.

Cleaning supplies that shuld also be on your moving supply list.
Cleaning supplies are essential and beneficial, especially once you begin unpacking.

Moreover, cleaning supplies should be packed in one separate box for easy access. Prepare the space where you are unpacking by making sure it is clean first.

Happy Moving

At the end of the day, your move is as successful as your plan and level of preparedness. Therefore, as soon as you know you are relocating, start it off right with a good plan. Then, plan out each and every stage alongside your moving supply list. Gather extra garbage bags for decluttering. It will be a good idea to declutter before packing for your move.

Once you rid your space of unnecessary junk, you can begin packing. As long as you have solid boxes with some tape and wrap, you can start stacking your stuff properly.

The key to a successful move is staying organized. Let your plan and checklist guide you, and you will manage this move with ease.

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