The ultimate moving checklist for single parents

Moving is a daunting and complicated process for most people. It takes time, planning, and pure physical work to accomplish. It also can be expensive and therefore very stressful. But if you find it complicated, imagine doing the move with your kids all by yourself. Well, that is what all of the single parents are faced with. So, how do they do it? With one lass pair of hands to help and a paycheck less to pay for it? Here is probably the ultimate moving checklist for single parents that can be made.

Moving prep

Consider researching all of the moving tips and tricks as you can. Moving preparation always starts well ahead of the move date. Planning and preparation of a successful move mean to start preparing well before its time to pack. Preparing and planning for your move takes time. Even more so if you are all alone in doing it. With a long list of things to do and take care of it is good to start preparing a few months earlier.

To Do List written on a piece of paper.
Make sure you start planning well in advance and make a detailed moving checklist

One of the not so obvious preparation aspects is connected to the kids. This part can be difficult and it will be even more difficult to handle for a single parent. Preparing the kids for the move is the most difficult thing. Children of different ages will react differently and be reserved for the move and even resist. It is important to make it clear about the necessity of the move so they can understand and accept it. Be open do not keep secrets and answer their questions to make them feel comfortable about the move.

Arranging the move

Arranging for the move can be complicated when you are single. That extra pair of hands are not there to help so you have to fend for yourself. So, make sure to enlist all the help you can. Ask friends and family to help, enlist your older children to help with the packing. Even having someone to babysit the kids while you pack is a big help. Arraigning the move will be most difficult because a single parent’s budget is tight. So finding movers on a budget and deciding on the best moving option and services can be difficult. The options for the move usually are:

  • Get the full-service move
  • Rent a truck
  • Get the shipping container

    A package saying Books as labeling boxes should definitely be on the ultimate moving checklist for single parents.
    Get help and start packing your belongings

Full-service move

Full service is the easiest and most stress-free move possible. You can pay your movers to come and pack your stuff, load, transport and unload and unpack everything in your new place. It is easy but expensive.

Truck rental

This means that you rent a truck and pack, load, transport, and unload and unpack everything yourself. This is the least expensive option but can be difficult with kids.

Shipping container

Get a container that you pack with your belongings while the movers transport it when it is ready. This is the middle ground option.


The best advice about packing is to go room by room. Make sure you group the items and label the boxes properly. Use proper DIY or bought padding to protect the items. Make your kids help and enlist family members.


Once everything is prepared, its time to move. Get help with loading your stuff. Make sure that kids do not get in the way, so get someone to babysit. Keep organized, follow the plan, and make sure everyone follows your labeling system. Check your old place room by room and make sure everything is loaded and moved

People carrying boxes
Enlist the help of your friends and family and make sure your kids help

So, moving as a single parent is difficult. It is overwhelming and complicated but doable. This ultimate moving checklist for single parents will probably help you. Just make sure to prepare and organize well in advance. Enlist your family, friends, and even children to help. Make your move a new start and enjoy it.

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