The most desirable yet affordable places in Florida

Do you want to live in an affordable place in Florida that is charming and beautiful? Is it possible to find it? Yes. You can find affordable places in Florida because the costs of living in FL are not that high as they are in California, New York, or Washington, for example. Also, keep in mind that FL has no income taxes.

Affordable places in Florida to move to

Luckily for you, Florida has many places where you can move to that are not that expensive. It is not only a place for vacations. Many retirees, families with kids, young professionals want to live here. Explore Florida and visit some of the places before making the final decision. Get the most for your money in the Sunshine State. But, affordability is more than just cheap housing. Find a place that is desirable and amazing. A place where you can live for a longer period of time.

Palm Coast

A charming town in Florida, Palm Coast has a population of almost 90,000, which is not a little. It is one of the best Florida places to retire or to live with your family because it offers a sparse suburban feel. 75% of residents won a house because it is affordable, the average home price is $209,000. If you want an ocean, beautiful beach, community, a quiet and scenic home front, and an easy and slow pace of life, this is it. Beautiful and affordable, the best combination.

A beach house.
Florida is known for hurricanes, but Palm Coast does not have a lot of hurricanes.

North Lauderdale

North Lauderdale is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale and it is a great place for young families and retirees too and still, it offers residents an urban-suburban mix feel. SO it is not boring. The median home price is only $167,000. North Lauderdale offers a lot of activities for kids and families as well as a large number of parks. For moving here, you should have a local move by your side. Team up with crews close by and organize your relocation like a pro. Local movers from North Lauderdale already know this area and have lots of experience. 

Cape Coral

One of the affordable places in Florida is Cape Coral too. This city has more than 400 miles of canals, this is why it is known as Waterfront Wonderland. If you are not looking for a small town and want to live in a big city that is not that expensive, then this is it. After moving here fishing and boating will become your hobbies. A lot of entertainment options and outdoor activities attract not only tourists but potential residents.

Boynton Beach

Want to live on the coast at an affordable price? Boynton Beach is one of the options. The nightlife is amazing but still, if you have kids, don’t worry, it is a safe place with good public schools. Besides families with kids, young professionals live here as well. There are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. For moving to Boynton Beach, experts are the best assistance you can consider hiring. 

A family of four enjoying at the beach.
Both you and your family will love the beaches.


This city is one of the sites of one of the 5 Best Amusement Parks in the U.S. and still it is affordable and charming. The median home value is around $170,000. Kissimmee is not only a tourist attraction. The economy is getting stronger as well. The job growth is strong, and at the same time, you will have a lot of entertainment options. Because of the Amusement Park, there have been many positive effects from growth and economic stimulation. It gives residents a suburban feel, and it is safe and still, close to big cities such as Orlando.

Cromwell Heights

It is a neighborhood in St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in Pinellas County, Florida. On this list, Cromwell Heights has the most affordable housing. The median home value here is only $75,000. Which is lower than the state average. The costs of living are very low and at the same time, it is beautiful and has a lot of parks, bars and amazing nature to enjoy.

After choosing a place – organize a relocation

After choosing a location where you will move to and start a new life, it is time to prepare for relocation and organize it. Research moving companies from Florida and consider hiring professional moving assistance. You can look for helpful tips and moving advice at anytime. Contact different moving companies and choose the best for your upcoming relocation. The good news is they all provide a free moving estimate, so don’t hesitate to compare the prices before you choose.

Packed belongings
If you are moving on a budget, just be creative and find ways to cut some of the moving costs.

It is possible to hire a professional moving company and to save money at the same time. For example, move off-season, negotiate with movers, move fewer items, get free moving boxes, etc. Besides searching for affordable towns in Florida, search for affordable movers too. Move at low costs and save money but not at the expense of moving quality. It can mean that your belongings arrive damaged. Always look for reputable movers and buy moving insurance, just in case. It will help you keep your peace of mind during a stressful time such as relocation to another state.

Amazing places in Florida

If you want to live without worrying about finances, Florida may be a great option in the USA, since it is one of the most affordable states here. What is more important, there are a lot of amazing and affordable places in Florida. Many people from all around the world (not only from the US) want to spend a vacation here. Beautiful beaches, lakes, white sand, amazing weather, it is like a vacation 24/7. Should you move to your favorite vacation destination in Florida or should choose a quiet place that has no tourists, it is up to you. Depending on your lifestyle, job, and kids’ needs.

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