The best way to prepare and pack books when moving

No matter how big of a bookworm you are, you probably have at least one shelf filled with books in your home. And if you’re a passionate reader or collector, you probably have some kind of a personal library. And that’s just in your room. And everything is fun and games until it’s time to move. Especially if you’re planning a DIY move. No matter if it’s a family heritage or a second-hand love novel, you want to keep your little paper treasure safe during transport. This is when the big question arises. What is the best way to prepare and pack books when moving? Let’s try to find out together.

Cherish your books

”That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.” You know how frustrating it can get when you rip a page, bend a cover, or smush a book jacket. If the books can do so much for you, why not return the favor? Provide them the best travel, and the best possible protection from any damage. Here are some tips to do so.

Two women sitting on swings and talking about how to prepare and pack books when moving
Ask your friends for help!

The best way to prepare and pack books when moving

When it comes to moving books, there are already some things that the libraries practice to protect them in transport:

Go through your book collection

We know how hard it is to separate from your paper friends, but ask yourself. Do you really need all of those books with you? Decide which books you’d like to keep, and which one you can let go of. This will seriously decrease the time spent packing, and packing supplies too. And what about the books that are left? Well, you can either donate them to a local library, organize a yard sale or stock them in storage. After deep cleaning it first, of course.

Group them and pack them by size

Books come in so many different sizes and shapes. But you don’t need us to tell you that. What we want to say, is that you should separate books that have similar size, since it will make packing so much easier. Sure, playing Tetris was fun when you were a kid, but you don’t have the time to do it with your books while doing so many other things regarding your move. Also, our advice is to prepare and pack books when moving in smaller boxes. It doesn’t matter if you visit the gym often, it is always easier to carry 30 books divided into five boxes than carry three large boxes with 50 books in them.

A man in denim carrying two suitcases
Your rolling suitcases are your best friends

Use your rolling suitcases

When we talk about suitcases, we usually think of them as a device to transport our clothes. But actually, they can be very useful for packing things like books. Not only are they easier for transporting, due to wheels, but they also have a lot of space, and are very sturdy. Which makes them an excellent choice for our topic.

Treat your-shelf

Don’t stress out about the thing that can be fun in the end. With the right moving company and the best way to prepare and pack books when moving, your books will be safely delivered to their new home. Their new shelf.

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