Student’s guide to the best cities of Ohio 

Ohio has many great places to live in as a student. There are just too many places in this beautiful state. We at Downtown Movers Company are here to help you make your decision more comfortable. We have a student’s guide to the best cities of Ohio. This guide about Ohio cities will give you plenty of options to choose from and find your new home. Let’s begin! 

Student’s guide to the best cities of Ohio – Hilliard 

The first place in our guide is Hilliard, a suburb of Columbus in Franklyn County, with a population of about 36,000 people. What sets Hilliard apart is that you can get away from the glamor of Columbus and rest in this quiet neighborhood after a night out. 

If you move to Hilliard, get ready to experience all four beautiful seasons. Locals will agree that Hilliard is the most beautiful in autumn when the leaves turn red and yellow. Hilliard is a great place to start a family later in life because the median age is about 36, which is a perfect age to start a family. 

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Enjoy a walk in Hilliard!

Even though Hilliard is a small place, you can do many things. You can go out and walk in Homestead Metro Park. However, if you do not want to walk, sit near the fishing pond and relax. If you are a pop culture and television nerd, you can learn about it in the Early Television Museum. In addition, there are plenty of restaurants and bars so you will not be bored as a student in Hilliard. So what are you waiting for get your first apartment here and move in? 

The Con

The one con of Hilliard is the cost of living. While Ohio is an affordable state, Hilliard is not. Hilliard is more expensive compared to the national average. And the biggest difference in cost compared to the rest of Ohio is the housing market. However, even though Hilliard is costly, the benefits outweigh the costs. So to get to Hilliard, reach out to specialists local Hilliard movers. These professionals will give you an accurate estimate, so you do not have to worry about your budget. In addition, they will pack everything up securely, so it arrives in Hilliard in one piece.

Check out Cincinnati 

The second city in our student’s guide to the best cities of Ohio is Cinncinati. Compared to Hilliard, Cincinnati is much bigger. It has a population of about 300,000. In a big city, you can lead a true student’s life. Meet new people, discover yourself and find your path in life. 

Cincinnati has it all, a competitive job market where you can find a job after you complete your studies. For an active person, the city has plenty of parks. 

  • There is Ault Park which has around 200 acres of land to explore. 
  • You can check out Smale Riverfront Park and enjoy the beauty of the Ohio River. 

Besides park Cincinnati, has an active brewery scene. With over 30 breweries in the city, you will have the best beer of your life in Cincinnati. Check out one of these breweries Rhinegeist Brewery, Carmel Brewing Company. But if you do not want to drink, there are plenty of restaurants in Cincinnati.

friends toasting their drinks
Our student’s guide to the best cities of Ohio recommends Cincinnati because of its beer scene.

As you can see, Cincinnati has tons to offer. Come to Cincinnati, and while you are settling in, get a safe unit for your stuff. With student storage, your items will be safe and secure. You will be happy to hear that Cincinnati is very affordable, with the average cost of living lower than the national average. 

Student’s guide to the best cities of Ohio – Columbus 

The third city in our guide is Columbus. The capital of the state and the most populated city in Ohio has many things to offer students. 

First and foremost, when you complete your education, you will not spend a long time looking for a job because Columbus has a strong job market. A lower unemployment rate than the rest of America is proof of the reliability of the job market in Columbus. You can find a job in education, retail trade, finance, and many more options to have a good carrier. 

The second benefit of moving to Columbus is the cost of living. In this guide, Columbus is the most affordable city. The average cost of living at 85.5, which is way lower than the national average. As a student, you will be happy to hear that the most affordable thing in Columbus is housing. So if you do not want to stay in a dorm renting can be an option. We recommend getting a roommate and splitting the expenses. The average cost of a two-bedroom apartment is about 1000-dollars. You should probably have a home inspection before moving in. 

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Columbus is affordable which is great for a student.

When it comes to having fun, Columbus does not fall behind. In the daytime, you can spend your time in a rooftop bar or in a restaurant. And in the evening visit one of many clubs in Columbus. 

As you can see Columbus has plenty to offer to a student. So move here with the help of Zippy Shell Columbus they will make your relocation stress-free. Their experts will handle your items with care and they will move you in fast because they are local to Columbus. 


Our student’s guide to the best cities of Ohio recommended these three cities. They each have their own benefits and cons. Hilliard is quiet and small and not ideal for students. In addition, it is expensive. While Cincinnati and Columbus are loud but much more affordable than Hilliard. Pick a place in Ohio that is best for your needs. And if non of these cities are to your liking Ohio has many more to offer. We hope that you find the ideal city, good luck!

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