Simple tips for moving in Ottawa on a budget

Most people become worried when the time comes to move their home. Apart from moving scams, injuries, and other challenges, there’s the financial factor on the move. With all the moving costs, supplies, security deposits, travel, buying a new home, or renting a new one – you have a lot to think about. That’s why proper planning and some useful tricks can help you save your wallet and don’t break a bank when moving your home to a new location. We prepared a couple of useful tips on moving in Ottawa on a budget – how to have a safe move without spending too much money?

Avoid moving in a rush

Even though last-minute moves are possible, moving in a hurry is risky in so many ways. Making mistakes, higher rates and damaged items are some of the results you get when leaving everything for the last minute. That’s why on-time planning and organization of your moving budget can surely help you spend less on those mistakes. When you have enough time to organize the move and pack, you minimize the risk of breaking something or hurting yourself. Furthermore, on-time arrangements can give you more affordable rates with moving companies, but also other services necessary during a move.

coins and a clock
Moving last-minute often comes with spending more money – avoid it when moving in Ottawa on a budget.

Don’t let money slip away

With all the costs piled up before the moving day, it’s easy to spend more money than necessary. That’s why making a clear plan of your moving budget is essential when you need to decrease moving expenses. This way, you’ll know how much money you need to prepare, and see where you can cut costs if necessary.

calculating costs when moving in Ottawa on a budget
Carefully calculating your moving costs is essential when moving in Ottawa on a budget.

Hiring professional movers – is it necessary when moving in Ottawa on a budget?

Many people fear the move will be much more expensive if they hire a professional moving team. However, you should think twice about this. If you’re inexperienced with all the moving and don’t have all the skills as well as tools and supplies, maybe hiring them is not such a bad idea after all. Nowadays, as the moving business has grown, you can find excellent moving companies with affordable rates – especially if you look for them locally. For example, is where you can find an excellent, skillful moving team – perfect for moving in Ottawa on a budget. Hiring an experienced local moving company will certainly be more affordable, and you don’t need to think about the safety, supplies, and right techniques to move your items. And most importantly – you’ll reduce the risk of getting hurt to a minimum

Bonus tip: another thing that can help you when moving on a budget is avoiding busy moving seasons. Moving off-season will bring you lower rates and make the move less stressful than moving in a peak season.

coins and a mini house
The closer your moving date is, the more money you need.

Moving on your own – another way to cut down the moving costs

Relocating with the help of a moving company is great, but if you need to cut moving costs, even more, prepare for a DIY move. It’s not impossible, and with a few useful tricks, it can be easy and safe, too.

Declutter your home

One way to save money when moving house is to reduce the number of items you’re relocating to the new home. If you’ve been living in the current home for a while, then chances are you have some old and unnecessary stuff piled up all over the house. Declutter all the rooms in your home, and avoid paying transport fees for unnecessary items. You can even make some money, too – try selling the items you no longer need online.

Find free packing supplies

When moving in Ottawa on a budget, you can surely reduce the costs by packing on your own. Still, you can hire a professional for the transport of your belongings to a new neighborhood, but packing shouldn’t be as difficult – especially with these tips. 

Start with finding free packing supplies. If you still have time until the moving day, slowly start collecting moving boxes from the friends who recently moved, local liquor stores, or save boxes from items you or your friends recently purchased. However, when taking already used boxes, make sure they are sturdy enough and not damaged. Lower the risk of boxes accidentally opening during transport and damaging some of your items.

Furthermore, you can look around your home for some free moving supplies, too. Items like suitcases, gym bags, and even garbage bags can serve as containers very well. Also, instead of buying wrapping protection, use towels, linens socks, and other items to protect the fragile pieces.

Get some help

Maybe they are not moving professionals, but your friends and family can surely help with the move. Ask them to come and pack with you, or take care of your kids or pets while you finish some moving tasks. Also, when moving in Ottawa, a friend with a bigger car or a van can be very helpful for transporting some of the items. However, don’t forget to thank them with some cold drinks or snacks, since packing can be pretty tiring.

Organize your utilities

Relocating to another home often comes with utility bills overlapping and results in paying double. So, when moving in Ottawa on a budget try to avoid that by carefully organizing your bills. Contact the utility companies and tell them about your moving date, so they can schedule the services, as well as bills, according to their dates. This way, you will have your new home all set up and ready for you, and avoid paying more money on double bills.

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