Should you ask employees to help with an office move

You are moving your office to a new city looking to start something new. Maybe you want to increase your profits or try your product on a new market. But before you can rip the rewards of your new location, you need to relocate there. And the question that comes up is – should you ask employees to help with an office move? We at Downtown Movers Company are here to answer that question. Let’s begin! 

Ask employees to help with an office move only with smaller items 

Whether you should ask workers to help with an office move does not have a simple yes or no answer. It depends on the type of items and the employee’s situation. So let’s first talk about moving smaller items in an office move

In most cases, you can ask workers to bring smaller items with them when relocating your office. The reason is simple they are not heavy and can fit in most cars. Here are the types of office supplies your employees can help move.

  • Office lamps can usually fit in a box and are not heavy. 
  • The heavies item you can ask your workers to move is an office chair, but only if they can disassemble it and if it is not too heavy.  
  • You can ask them to move books or paperwork. 
a blue lamp
Ask employees to help with an office move if it involves small items, like lamps.

But if your worker is not relocating by car to your new office space, we recommend you do not request their help. It is hard enough dealing with airports and busses without the extra weight. 

Do not ask employees to help with an office move with heavy items 

Never ask employees two help you move heavy items. 

  • The first reason it is very inconvenient to move a printer or a big conference room table them. Where will they put such big office equipment? 
  • The second reason not to ask employees to help with an office move involving heavy items is that they can hurt themselves. Lifting heavy office items is not easy. It involves proper technique and training. Your employees have not been trained to lift heavy office supplies. And because of the lack of experience, they can get injured. 
a female office worker using printer
Your employees can throw out their backs moving heavy office equipment!

If you want to move heavy office supplies, rely on office movers. Office movers exist for a reason. They can lift everything easily with special equipment. Pack everything securely and make sure it arrives at your new office space. Do not try your luck with the security of your employee’s van or car. Office equipment is expensive, and you can lose a lot of money replacing it. Before hiring movers, learn how to get a precise moving quote to avoid overpaying. 


As you can see should you ask employees to help with an office move, does not have a clear answer? Look at your employee’s situation and then decide what to do. Good luck! 


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