Renting vs buying an apartment in Kansas City

We understand that you are looking for an apartment in Kansas City. But, is it better to buy or to rent – that is the main question now. The answer is not as simple as some might think. There are many things you need to consider before making a decision. That’s why research is crucial and we are here to help you out so keep reading.

Some quick research

According to an analysis by, Kansas City is among the year 2022’s 12 most desirable real estate markets. Investors seeking a rental property in Kansas City may face stiffer competition this year, as both volumes of sales and price growth are expected to rise by 15.7 percent. You should also know that this is one of the best cities for renters.

packing after buying an apartment in Kansas City
Keep reading to find out all the facts before you decide whether to buy or rent an apartment in Kansas City.

To buy or to rent an apartment in Kansas City – what is more affordable?

The cost of buying a home is higher right now in this area than the cost of renting. The problem is that it can change quickly and it can be much pricier to rent in a couple of years since many people are investing in real estate in this area.  The initial outlay of cash isn’t the only expense when buying a home. There are also ongoing costs, such as upkeep, taxes, remodeling, and fixing things. Real estate is an illiquid asset, meaning that you can’t easily sell it for cash if you suddenly find yourself short on cash. When it comes to renting – you never know. The landlord can change their mind easily so when renting you need to be extra careful.

Kansas City housing market

The housing market in Kansas City is one of the best in the country. Its popularity is booming with each passing year. When you consider how recently the Kansas City real estate market has performed, you can see why this is the case. if you are moving to Kansas City soon ask skilled people for help – there is no reason to do everything on your own. Buying a home is something you need to do by yourself and relocation is something you can leave to professionals.

Buyers or seller’s market – what is the case in Kansas City?

This is another thing you need to consider before buying if you are going to buy or rent an apartment in Kansas City. The housing inventory in Kansas City is only enough to last for about 0.9 months, making it a strong seller’s market. In the first three months of 2022, the pattern of rising prices due to high demand and low supply persisted. Hopefully, we helped you a little bit and pointed you in the right direction so you can continue your research now. Good luck!

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