Renting a moving truck vs. hiring movers

The time has come for you to relocate. That is amazing! You are finally turning a new leaf and starting fresh. But before you open up that bottle of champagne and start celebrating this new chapter, think about what is coming. That is, think about whether you should rent a moving truck or hire movers Both options have many pros and cons, so we understand that making this decision is not easy. But fear not! We are here to help you out. Namely, today, we will tell you everything you need to know about renting a moving truck vs. hiring movers. Thus, if you need help making your decision, keep on reading.

What Renting a Moving Truck Means

Okay, before we tell you what you should be doing – renting a moving truck or hiring movers, let us first explain what each of these options means.

If you decide to rent a moving truck, that means that you plan to have a DIY kind of move. You will be the one buying all the packing materials, packing your belongings, heavy lifting bulky pieces of furniture, loading the moving truck you hired, and ensuring everything arrive safely at your new address. So, it is needless to say that renting a moving truck and doing everything by yourself is a good idea if you have to move on a budget. But, if you have to move in a hurry or move somewhere internationally, this might not be a good idea.

A man loading the moving truck.
Renting a moving truck should be an option only if you know how to move all by yourself.

What Hiring Movers Means

Hiring movers is a whole other story compared to renting a moving truck. As previously mentioned, when renting a moving truck, you decide to organize your move alone. But, when you hire movers such as those from Around The Clock Movers LLC, you decide to step back and let them handle all the moving-related tasks. 

However, keep in mind that hiring movers can sometimes be really expensive – hence it is why people decide to rent a moving truck and do everything by themselves. But there is a way to save money on this one. Namely, if you book movers ahead of time, you will probably get a discount for an early booking. And, if you choose a date that is not a weekend or a holiday and if you choose only those most basic moving services, you will save a lot of bucks.

A professional mover looking at cardboard boxes - renting a moving truck vs. hiring movers.
Hiring movers means saving a lot of your time and energy.

Renting a moving truck vs. hiring movers – what option wins?

Now you know exactly what renting a moving truck and hiring movers imply. So, what options should you go for? Well, that is something we cannot tell you. Why? Because it depends on your life situation, budget, and needs. But, what we can tell you is that you should rent a moving truck if you are on a tight budget and if you have a lot of time to devote to this relocation. And you should hire movers if you are a moving beginner, if you have to move in a hurry, or if you simply don’t have the energy and the nerves to deal with all that packing and relocating.

It is up to you to decide! And, if you can’t do it – that is, if you can’t decide what’s better, renting a moving truck vs. hiring movers, take a piece of paper and write everything down. Write your moving budget, write what needs to be moved, etc. Looking at everything will help you make your decision.


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