Prepare your home gym for relocation in 5 easy steps

Having a gym section in your home will keep your hands even busier when moving. Exercising in your home gym helps you stay in good shape, build your muscles or increase strength. However, don’t be mislead into thinking that moving equipment is similar to your workout routine. Don’t learn this the hard way. With the help of friends, it is possible to prepare your home gym but be aware that not everyone can take this bull by the horns.

For the strong and muscular part of our reading public, we provided explainations on how to prepare for moving oversized objects like these. By following these instructions you can be confident that you’re doing the right thing as well as that your equipment will work perfectly fine once you moved in. So let’s begin!

How to start preparing your home gym for a move?

First, select your fitness equipment into two categories based on its size. Larger pieces have to be dissembled before the move as the professionals from Movers Downtown suggested. Our source explained these are too large to be moved in their original state. Moreover, dissembling means that you reduce the chances of damage to a minimum.

Selected working equipment fora move
Start with the lighter objects

Sanitize equipment

The second step is to clean your workout gear as thoroughly as possible. Almost no one does this, at least not regularly, which is okay, but if you move, you’d like your equipment to be clean as everything else in your house. You don’t want to bring bacteria into your new home.

A short manual on how to prepare your home gym for a move

  • Yoga equipment – put in a box, secure with packing papers
  • Stationary bike –  cover the machine in a blanket, protect the floor (and wheel it, don’t drag it)
  • Dumbbells and barbells – put in a box
  • Hand weights – wrap in bubble wrap before putting into a box

When it comes to the larger pieces, the best thing to do is read a manual (you should have it if you didn’t throw it away). Even better, look for professional moving help because you can get injured,  equipment and house damaged if you don’t have the experience.

Man securing the box with a tape will prepare your home gym for relocation
Prepare your home gym with adequate packing materials


Label boxes because some pieces that belong to the same machine need to be put separately. If you know what’s in the box, you’ll need considerably less time to assemble workout equipment and can start with your training program right away.

Do it the easy way

You can deal with all the abovementioned but are you sure you want to do the rest when the moving day comes? You might be strong enough, but you have no experience whatsoever. What about the right equipment? You can confide in movers to have both. But don’t hire whichever company, and find good moving services for yourself. Movers have their training program, and they might even show you some tricks.

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