Package theft prevention guide

During the moving process, you cannot predict all the situations. Sometimes, things might not go according to plan. In some cases, during the moving process packages can be stolen from people. As you know, the entire process can be chaotic and stressful and the stealing can happen. But, there is no need to panic. Be sure that there are still ways for package theft prevention. To prevent it, you have to use the tips that we will present to you. By following them, the chances for being in the situation that your packages are stolen will be minimal. So, how to prevent this situation and avoid it?

What are the situations in which package theft can happen?

First of all, we would like to present to you some situations in which stealing packages can happen:

  • The package can be missing while you are waiting for your moving truck. – We can say that this can be one of the main reasons why hiring professional movers is a good idea. When you have them during the entire process, they will also take care of your belongings.
  • When you have a lot of people included in your moving process. – In most cases, people are asking family or friends to help them packing. It can happen that somebody makes a mistake and leaves packages where they should not.
  • If movers have left in your yard after finishing the relocation process. – This situation cannot happen, but you should still be careful. To avoid package theft prevention, you should arrive first at your new home and wait for movers.

We have presented you with some potential situations which you need to avoid. On the other hand, to prevent package stealing, you also have to prepare for your moving process properly.

For package theft prevention, you need to create a good moving strategy

As we mentioned, you have to prepare for your moving process. The first rule is to create a good moving strategy. This means that you have to think about every step in your upcoming relocation process. Also, this will help you to prevent package theft. For example, if you are packing and moving your NYC music studio, you have to set all the things for it. What types of instruments and how many of them you have are some of the things that you have to define. In this way, you will also prepare them properly for packing and you can avoid package theft.

A pen on the notebook.
Create a good moving strategy.

Think about getting a moving insurance

Keep in mind that moving insurance can also help you in securing and protecting your belongings. In the case that the package theft happens, the insurance can help you in covering damage. When you contact a moving company, you should ask them about moving insurance and how they can guarantee you the safety of your belongings. Do not forget that a reliable and decent moving company will give you the moving insurance and also take care of your belongings in the safest way.

Do good research about a storage unit

In the case that you are looking for a storage unit, you need to do good research. Of course, most companies that have a storage unit will guarantee you the safety of your belongings. Still, it is an important thing to find good storage options. For example, you can always look for a company that offers short-term and long-term storage services. Depending on how long you are planning to keep your belongings inside a storage unit, you can choose between these two terms.

How to prevent package theft?

Now, we are coming to the part in which we will present to you the tips that can help you with package theft prevention:

  • When you are marking the boxes, be careful. – There is no need to write all the items on the top of the boxes. For example, you should only write the kitchen if the items from this room are inside the box.
  • Do not put valuable items inside the boxes. – Most people make a mistake and put jewelry or other valuable items inside the boxes. Even if you are sure about the safety of your boxes, you should still keep these items near you.
  • Think about securing your entire place properly. – A good idea is to install security cameras. You can install them at your new home, while you are unloading a moving truck and putting boxes in your new home. Also, in the case that the boxes are in your new home before you arrive, security cameras are necessary.
  • Have reliable people with you. – We have mentioned that somebody can forget to put boxes in the right place. Even if you are looking for extra help, you should call people you can definitely rely on. Ask them to help you during the entire process and to be with you on moving day.
Pearls and a ring.
Do not put jewelry in boxes.

Take photos of your boxes

The final thing in order to prevent package theft is to take photos of your belongings. Even if this can take time, you should do it. In this way, you will be sure about the number of your boxes. Also, you can see if some damage has happened during transportation when you compare the photos and boxes. For this, you do not need a professional camera. Use your mobile phone and keep the pictures until you compare them with the boxes. Keep in mind that this is a reliable way to be absolutely sure about your boxes.

A mobile phone is useful for taking pictures and package theft prevention.
Use your camera from a mobile phone to take photos.

It is possible to avoid package theft

As you can see, when we talk about package theft prevention, it is possible to do it. You just have to think about every step in your process and to have reliable movers who will help you to relocate. Also, you need to secure your new home and your current place of living. The trick is just to follow these tips and you can be sure that you will avoid any kind of unpleasant situation.

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