Moving with pets during Covid-19 outbreak

If you need to move during the coronavirus pandemic and you have pets, how to do it? Is it safe, are moving companies working, do people move now, etc? There so many questions and you are responsible for your pets, so be prepared and learn all the facts about the COVID-19 and its influence on animals. Moving with pets during Covid-19 outbreak may sound scary, but trust us, it is not.

Moving with pets during Covid-19 pandemic – is it safe?

People ask so many questions about the impact of coronavirus on animals and how to protect them. Many people are leaving NYC for the countryside with family because of safety. But, of course, they cannot leave their pets, they need to move them too. Some of the frequently asked questions about moving with pets during this pandemic are:

  • Can pets spread COVID-19 to people? No, there is no evidence that pets can infect you with the COVID-19 virus, according to CDC.  During this pandemic, there were no cases of pets (or livestock) infecting a human.
  • Can people infect animals with the COVID-19? Yes, unfortunately, according to USDA. But, on the other hand, there have been only a few cases. If your pet(s) has the coronavirus symptoms, call the vet.
  • Is moving with pets during Covid-19 outbreak safe and possible? Yes, but you need to wash your hands more frequently and if you notice any symptom on you or your pets, call a doctor.
Washing hands when moving with pets during Covid-19 outbreak.
Sanitize your hands and your items too when moving with pets during Covid-19 outbreak

After moving, you will probably be in self-isolation, and if you have a dog, then arrange someone to take him/her out, especially if you don’t have a garden or a backyard in your new home. When you are walking your dog outside, you must practice social distancing, and immediately after entering the house, clean a dog and yourself. If you are not able to go out with your dog because of illness or self-isolation, hire a professional dog walker.

Tips for moving during the COVID-19 pandemic? How to stay healthy?

How to stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic and to keep your family safe too? Unfortunately, the USA is the number one state when it comes to a number of infected people, so you need to take extra care. If you were wondering are moving companies working during COVID-19 outbreak, yes, movers from the US are working, but with different rules. And you should too follow those rules to keep yourself and your pets safe.

  • If someone from your family has (or had) a coronavirus, you should notify your movers. Also, ask them if someone from their team or family is infected.
  • Wash your hands and use gloves and face masks – movers will also use gloves and masks.
  • Buy new boxes, avoid using recycled and used moving boxes.
  • If you are feeling sick, cancel your relocation and call a doctor.
World globe with a mask.
The entire world is suffering because of the coronavirus, but you need to continue with your life with some special attention

When moving with pets during Covid-19 outbreak, make sure to organize your moving day and to have someone to help you with your pets. There are companies that are specialized in pet relocation, but you can move a pet in your car too.

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