Moving to Sulphur on a budget: how to make it work

Are you moving to Sulphur Louisiana soon? Luckily we know how you can do it without breaking the bank. Many people think that relocations are pretty expensive. We have to be honest – it is not going to be cheap but we know how you can save some money and even earn some money. Yes, you saw that right. There are ways you can earn some money and use it to buy some packing material or whatever you need. That’s why you need to keep reading. We know all the tricks and, after reading this, moving to Sulphur on a budget won’t be so hard at all.

How you can earn some money

Surely this is something that you are wondering most about. How you can earn some money. It’s so easy. All you need to do is declutter your old home before moving to Sulphur. Decluttering is not only for downsizing anymore. Surely there is some stuff you don’t want to bring to your new home. In fact, chances are there are plenty of stuff you don’t really need. Once you locate the things you don’t want, sort them into two piles: trash and for sale. You can sell all your excess items and earn some money that will cover some of your moving expenses. Some people like to organize a garage sale and younger generations prefer to do it online. No matter the approach you choose – surely you will get the results you are hoping for if you do it in time.

Aman shopping for some old records on a garage sale.
Garage sales have some charm that online sales simply can’t have.

Choosing the right date can save you some money

To save money, plan your move for the fall or winter months, on a weekday, in the middle of a month. Because of the decreased demand, moving companies may be able to offer you better service at a lower cost. On moving day itself, save time and energy by avoiding the morning and late-night rush hours. Even little things like this can help you to save some money.

Also, you should be flexible with the moving date unless there is an urgent reason to do so. If you give the company some leeway in arranging the meeting time, you might find a time that tends to work for the two of you. In addition, this information could aid you in bargaining for a better rate.

You can save some money on packing material

Boxes are essential to a smooth relocation, but they can quickly drain your moving budget and so can all other moving supplies. While some removal businesses do offer them for sale, there are several cost-free options available. Among the recommendations are:

  • Maybe your friends have some laying around
  • Local stores or retail outlets like supermarkets and malls
  • Collection Depots
  • Maybe even your office/workplace has some

The price of bubble wrap, vacuum bags, and packing paper could really add up quite quickly, especially if you have a large household to relocate. Use free resources like linens, towels, and casual wear to protect your precious possessions. You can use grocery store plastic bags or newspapers instead of packing paper. Remember that the primary objective is for your things to arrive undamaged, regardless of the packaging material you choose. All of these little things will make moving to Sulphur much cheaper.

packing furniture for relocation
Bubble wrap is our favorite packing material but there are cheaper alternatives! You just need to think outside the (moving) box.

Do you need movers when moving to Sulphur on a budget?

You can move all your household items on your own. Will it be cheaper? Depends. It might. The only problem is that it will be riskier. You are risking potential back injuries from all that heavy lifting and you can also damage your stuff especially if you have some specific items like a piano. Moving a piano or a jacuzzi, for example, is very hard and often ends up badly unless it’s done by professionals. So, as you can see you have some thinking to do. Movers might cost a bit more than just renting a moving truck but it is the only way to have a safe, hassle-free relocation. Good movers like are not as pricy as you might think. Call them and ask for a free moving estimate. Most of them will gladly offer you and then you can plan your budget.

It may be possible to save money by hiring movers by the hour if you have a small amount of stuff to move or if you’re only moving a short distance. On the contrary, hand, if you have a large number of belongings/moving boxes or if you’re moving a long distance, it may make sense to pay a flat rate centered on the load. If you decide to hire professionals, make sure to inquire about any freebies you may be eligible for, such as boxes, packing tape, and more. As long as you calculate the costs and stick to the budget everything will be just fine.

Use all the free help you can when moving to Sulphur on a budget

Some things cost money like finding good storage to leave items in a unit and be sure that your items are safe. That is something you need to pay and that is also something you shouldn’t cheap out on. But some things are free! We are talking about something that will make moving to Sulphur much easier and more organized. You guessed it – we are talking about moving apps.

A tablet
They are so useful and we often recommend them!

Moving apps

Most moving apps nowadays are free to use and they can be such game changers when moving to Sulphur on a budget. Some of our favorite apps have amazing organizers, notes, alarms, and useful tips, teach you how to label moving boxes and some of them can even find local movers for you. How great is that? All you need to do is take your smartphone and go to play/app store and type “moving apps”. You will get a few hits and if you have enough time – check them out all. Maybe you can find more money-saving tips there as well.

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