Moving to Chicago, IL with a large family

It is understandable why many parents dread the day when they need to relocate their big family. Even though more family members can mean more help with the moving tasks, this also involves increased stress and additional challenges. However, moving to Chicago, IL, with a large family doesn’t need to be so messy and overwhelming. You can use specific techniques to simplify the moving process and minimize stress as much as possible. This guide will help you with that. We will share the most useful tips on relocating a large family household while reducing costs and protecting your sanity.

Know every step of the way

Moving a large family includes so many tasks. As the moving day is approaching, people tend to get overwhelmed and often forget some important things. That’s why a detailed plan is necessary to go through the move with ease and without losing your nerves. To make sure you’re ready for every step of the moving process, try to make plans as early as possible. The organization is the key to success in this case, and you achieve it by making a detailed moving checklist.

Communicate with your family members

The next step would be presenting the moving checklist to your family members. Unless the kids are too young, you can include them in the preparation and packing. Everybody can have their share of moving tasks, which will make the process a lot easier. The moving checklist will help you track the progress and eliminate the risk of forgetting something important if you become too busy.

A large family at the beach during the sunset.
Start organizing your move on time if you want to avoid problems and confusion.

Schedule the moving day

One of the most important tasks is hiring a moving company and scheduling the moving day. You can pick the moving date according to your work and school obligations, the moving season or holidays, or the weather conditions. Being flexible about the date can bring you lower moving rates. For example, if you schedule the move during the offseason, you will likely get a significant discount.

However, the most critical factor when moving to Chicago, IL, with a large family is having someone to entrust with your household. Contacting Golans Moving and Storage will be a huge relief, as you can have someone to rely on during this overwhelming period in life. A professional moving team like this knows how to handle family moves without causing any additional trouble and stress. Therefore, when hiring a mover to help you out, always focus on their experience, professionalism, and transparent moving rates.


A large family usually means an even larger household, which is fine – until you have to move. Then, all the items need to be packed and relocated, which is tiring and expensive. That’s why moving to another home is the perfect moment to declutter and downsize your home. It’s time to go through all the old clothes, toys, books, and other items you no longer need or use. Giving them up will certainly help you stay more organized and move in much faster.

Remember: In case there are some of your belongings you don’t want to get rid of, but also you don’t need them at the moment, getting a storage unit is a great solution. You can have your belongings taken care of in a unit where you don’t need to worry about them being damaged. Furthermore, you can make more free space in your new home, which is always advantageous when you have a large family.

A large pile of moving boxes ready for moving to Chicago.
Decluttering should always precede the packing process.

It’s time to pack for moving to Chicago

When the time comes to pack the entire household, many parents feel confused because they don’t know how to do it efficiently. Well, it’s best to start on time – start packing your items by category. You can also begin with the rarely used items and pack the items you use every day right before the move. Also, having kids can bring more fun to this process. You can ask them to pack their items but add a little twist. The one who packs their toys or books first can have a reward! This will make the packing process feel like a game and help you save time and sanity.

A woman packing before moving to Chicago.
Packing by category is a very good strategy.

Deal with the emotions

Moving to another home is nerve-wracking for parents, but it’s also difficult for kids. Depending on their age, kids can go through all sorts of negative emotions related to the move. Be sure to deal with it by supporting them, talking about all the positive things related to your new Chicago home, and ways to keep in touch with their old friends. If your family feels good, the relocation will be smooth and easy.

Take care of yourself

Never forget to take care of yourself when moving house. It can indeed be pretty hectic and stressful, so make sure you’re healthy and energized to deal with it. Sleep and eat well, and don’t forget to stay hydrated. Taking care of yourself will help you have more energy and be in the mood for all the challenging tasks.


Moving to Chicago, IL, with a large family can indeed be demanding. However, a stress-free move is not impossible. Careful planning and finishing tasks on time will help avoid piling up and forgetting essential duties. This will substantially decrease the stress and the rush of the last couple of days in the old house and make you feel good about your arrival in Chicago. Welcome to Illinois!

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