Moving in Hilliard, Ohio with your family – COVID -19 precautions

As the COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping the nation the moving industry has come to a stop. With social distancing advice in effect and health precautions being implemented, it is hard to plan your family relocation. However, not all moves can wait and the question becomes if the moving services are still available and how to do it. As with the rest of the world, Ohio and the city of Hillard are also experiencing the influence of the pandemic. So if you are moving in Hilliard Ohio with your family what are the COVID – 19 precautions you must consider.

Hillard Ohio

Hillard is a thriving and attractive city to live in. The city offers great job opportunities and has a developing economy. Its proximity to Columbus the capital of Ohio makes it a popular destination for those who work in Columbus. The city is full of history and heritage that is developing its tourism offer and industry. The city is experiencing growth in population and is developing a vibrant community.

Covid 19 Virus depiction
The Global Pandemic is influencing every part of life in the US and Ohio

The facts show that Hillard is developing and growing with young professionals with families moving in. But at the moment the migratory tendencies have almost stopped. The pandemic has slowly put everything on hold and stopped the moving processes. However, if you simply must move for whatever reason there are some safety precautions that you must abide by.

What you must know before moving to Hilliard

The first step in protecting your family from COVID-19 infection while moving is to get informed. Research and study the situation around COVID to have a better knowledge of the risks and the ways to protect yourself. Do not panic, use the knowledge to get organized and safe. Try to get the facts such as:

  • The virus is highly contagious
  • It is transmitted through touch and respiratory droplets
  • Avoid contact to protect yourself
  • Be extra careful and use additional protection when moving

While you might need to plan and execute your move during the pandemic also get informed on the state of the moving industry. The moving industry is suffering from the pandemic lock-down. More and more cities are restricting movement and locking down to contain the spread of the virus. Make sure that the moving services like are operating and that their activities are not restricted. The same goes for storage service companies. Working hours may be adjusted and also stricter rules and storage regulations may be put in place. Make sure that you are informed before moving in Hilliard, Ohio with your family in these conditions. 

What to do during the move

The only true way to be protected is to avoid social interaction and contact. As this is not possible during the move you should take extra care and try to protect yourself and your family. You can have a safe move and a pleasant moving experience if you do it right. You must:

  • Be very careful during the move
  • Get the right moving services that are conscientious and careful
  • Avoid direct contact
  • Respect the quarantine rules. 
A Sign saying Social distance
Social distancing is the best protection in the time of COVID 19 pandemic

Be careful

Try to pack your belongings in protective boxes and foil to avoid contamination. Be sure to disinfect them when preparing for a move. Help the movers by placing the boxes to the room nearest to the exit to avoid moving through the whole house. Keep the family away from the movers to avoid contact and always use gloves and masks and other protective gear. Make sure you have spares to replace if needed. Disinfect the room movers are in contact with after they leave. When the move is complete, disinfect the boxes before unpacking them. Disinfect your stuff and throw the boxes, bags, and plastics out of the house.

Moving service

Try to find a reputable moving service that observes all of the safety advice and regulation. Also, try to avoid getting exposed to the virus and pay for extra services. Leave the house and get the professional packing service to do the work for you. Once they get to the new place disinfect them. Also, consider paying for additional storage service with a reputable storage company that will keep your belongings safe.

Avoid contact

Getting away from everybody is the safest way to protect yourself and your family. Be sure to avoid direct contact. You don’t know if you are infected or if the movers are infected. Avoid contact to contain the spread if anyone is.

Follow the rules

The best advice for protection is to stay inside and avoid contact. However, if it is not possible and you have to move respect and follow the rules. Use gloves and protective masks and goggles. Avoid direct contact and exposure and your move to Hilliard will be safe. 

In Addition

Moving in the COVID 19 pandemics is not advisable. Also, older people, over the age of 60, are considered a risk group that is particularly vulnerable to the virus. So, try to postpone or cancel your move on time. Let the movers know well in advance that you are canceling. If you are a member of the high-risk group try to avoid the move entirely until the pandemic passes. We can also recommend:

Let the movers know if you are experiencing the symptoms of COVID 19. That will allow them to protect themselves additionally and organize the move safely.

Hands with protective gloves holding a medical mask you will need when moving to Hilliard dutring the COVID-19 pandemic.
If social distancing is not possible, make sure to wear protective gear.

Don’t use recycled packing materials. Recycled boxes, bags, foils, and newspapers are not advisable for use in these conditions. The virus can survive in an open environment for as long as 24 hours so do not gather free packing supplies unless they are in your home already.

Help the movers by providing extra hygiene products. Provide the movers with towels and soap they can use. Also, provide hand sanitizes in the rooms they will be using and by the doors. Also, feel free to provide extra supplies for the local crew to help you relocate with ease.

So moving in Hilliard, Ohio with your family during this outbreak is possible. While not advisable, with a lot of knowledge and care you can execute a safe and successful move. Just be sure to get informed as these services might get canceled as the global pandemic situation changes and effects every day.  

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