Most popular Washington places among seniors

There are a lot of places in the country where moving to is a good idea when you get older. Not every place is suitable for people of all ages. This doesn’t mean you cannot live somewhere. You can live wherever you want. But there are places where living is much better for seniors than it is for young people and vice versa. This is why we have decided to write an article for seniors who want to live in the state of Washington. There are plenty of places in this part of the country where moving to as a senior is the best thing to do. And here is where you will read about some of the most popular Washington places among seniors and just why moving there is a good idea.


A lot of seniors want to live near a big city but not in it. If that is the case with you as well, moving to Everett is the thing for you. This is a suburb located 25 miles north of Seattle which makes accessing it very easy if you have a car. This is one of the nicest areas to live in for dozens of reasons.

For starters, this is a safe place. It is more suburban than it is urban which is why mostly families with children and retirees live here. A lot of people who used to live in downtown Seattle are moving to Everett to get away from all the loudness of the city. The fact that this is a suburban area doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do here. There are plenty of things for you to do in Everett after moving there, especially if you are a senior.

Suburban town.
Living in the suburbs as a senior is a much better idea than living in an urban city.

A bit more about Everett

The state of Washington is known for having a lot of green areas, forests, and parks which is definitely the case with Everett as well. There are a couple of beautiful parks in the town such as Lowell Park, Forest Park, Howarth Park, and many more. This is where locals come to spend their free time. Some ride bikes, some sit on a bench and read, and some are simply admiring the beauty of nature surrounding them. The options are endless. No wonder this is one of the most popular Washington places among seniors.

The options are endless when it comes to choosing a home as well. You can find both a very nice apartment and a lovely house here. No matter where you decide to move to in Everett, you can engage experts from the area to assist with the relocation.


If you do not really care to live too close to Seattle yet you do not want to be located too far away from it either, there is an option for you as well. The place we will now tell you more about is certainly one of the more popular Washington places among seniors and it goes by the name Marysville. Marysville is even more peaceful and quiet than the previous place we told you about. It would be a hard task to choose between the two. Either way, you can ask skilled neighbors to help you if moving to Marysville. And moving here is certainly going to be one of the most favorite decisions you have made if you decide to do so.

Suburb house.
Plenty of things make Marysville one of the best places for seniors to live in.

Why is this so? Well, as we said already, Marysville is very peaceful. There is even more nature in this part of Washington as Marysville is located much further away from Seattle. Here you also have parks and green spaces and forests where you can spend your free time. You can do lots of things here as well. A lot of seniors from the area go bird-watching as there are plenty of birds here because of the beautiful forests surrounding the town. There are plenty of other things for you to do here which will certainly help to avoid having to deal with relocation depression.

A bit more about Marysville

Moving to Marysville certainly means moving to a beautiful house as such are only to be found in this part of Washington. There are plenty of houses here to choose from. The only downside is that their pricing is quite costly. But you do get a very lovely house with a big yard in one of the nicest parts of the state which is why we believe that it is worth the money.

Old couple in a park.
Marysville has plenty of places where retirees can spend their free time.

Some more places to consider moving to as a senior

As we find Everett and Marysville to be the best moving options for seniors, we decided not to go into too much detail about some other places in the area. But that doesn’t mean we will not tell you about them. There are plenty of places in Washington where moving as a senior is a good idea. Gig Harbor is one of the best places in the entire country to live in as a senior and it is located in the state of Washington. It has lots of amazing medical centers in the area which is one of the reasons why. Gig Harbour is also a nice Washington place for a weekend getaway which will make your children visit more often.

Lynnwood is another suburb of Seattle where living as a senior is a great thing. That is if you have the money. Lynnwood is on the more expensive side but all for a reason. Moving to Bothel as a senior is a good option as well as this is a very lovely Washington town. And if you are looking for a place where a lot of retirees already live, Port Townsend is the place for you. Most of the population are retirees. This will make finding friends very easy.

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