Leaving NYC and moving to the countryside with your family

A lot of people are leaving NYC nowadays. With the effects of a global pandemic hitting NYC, this is much more obvious. Families are contemplating moving to the countryside to try and escape from the COVID-19 virus and at the same time ensure their children have enough space to lead normal lives. Moving to the countryside has its benefits. It’s a big change though. So even if you are trying to move there in a hurry due to the pandemic, you need to plan and prepare. If you are leaving NYC and moving to the countryside with your family read this text and we hope it will help you.

Leaving NYC and moving to the countryside

Moving from a big city to the countryside is a big decision and it takes a lot of time and patience to organize everything. If you have come to this decision, it probably means you have had enough of the city noise, traffic jams and a fast pace of life. Don’t forget though that cities also offer numerous cultural activities of which there are far less in the countryside. Whilst the countryside does have cinemas, theatres, concert halls and such, their presence is significantly lower than in the city. What this means though is that there are more opportunities to get in touch with nature, to spend time outside, and to feel at peace. You could probably exchange your small apartment in NYC for a house in the countryside and still have some money leftover in the process. Moving and settling down far away from the city makes life cheaper and more relaxed.

Prepare your children for the move

Moving to the countryside isn’t easy and preparing your children for the move can be even harder. Firstly, you need to talk to your family members about the move. Even if you have limited time because of the current pandemic you need to prepare your children for the move and get them involved as much as possible. Involve your kids in the process of packing and decluttering their rooms and talk to them about your reasons for the move. Try to explain to them how real the threat of a spread of coronavirus is and what the benefits of moving to the countryside are. Show them your new home in the best light, show them the attractions. Answer any questions that they have. Be their support and try to stay calm and focused.

Four children lying on a wooden deck near a water body.
Making your children feel safe and happy is always a priority.

You should research how to best move with elderly parents if you plan on taking your or your spouse’s parents with you. Having all this information can help you have a stress-free move to the countryside with your family.

Create a budget for your move

Yes, you are trying to move as quickly as possible but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t set a budget for your move. When you find the right moving company for yourself, make sure to get a quote. Arrange your budget around the moving quote you get. There could be many unplanned expenses such as gasoline, road tolls, taxes, insurance and similar. You need to try and think of as many of these as you can and conduct proper budget planning to simplify your move.

Talk about safety procedures

Use the time that you have before leaving NYC and moving to the countryside with your family to go through safety procedures regarding the coronavirus. The most important and easily accomplished measures of protection are:

  • Practice social distancing
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Wear a face mask and safety gloves
  • Avoid touching your nose, eyes, and mouth
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you sneeze or cough
  • If you have difficulty breathing, fever or a cough get medical care
A person washing their hands.
Taking safety precautions during a pandemic is essential.

Hiring professional movers

Hiring a professional company for your relocation is probably the best move, especially taking into account that you are probably moving in a hurry. You need to make sure you hire reliable movers like usantini.com who have a good reputation and can provide the services you need. Search for movers online, check their reviews, and then pick your three favorites. Get quotes from them. Do not call them to the house to get an estimate. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is better to get an estimate via a video call. If you absolutely must have movers come to your house, take all the necessary precautions.

Make sure that the movers you hire are healthy and weren’t in contact with someone who was sick. They should follow the same procedures as you.

Create a moving checklist

Making a checklist for the whole family is a good way to start organizing your move. A checklist will ensure that you are more efficient. Make sure that your children are involved in every step of the move. That way they will feel important and will accept the move more easily. Let your children play and make their own labeling system, keep them occupied but make sure to check whether their system works.

A notebook and a person holding a pen, writing a checklist
Having a checklist can make your move more efficient.

If at some point you decide to move your office as well, a checklist will again be very helpful.

Create an inventory

The items you pack for a move are the main factor determining the price of the move. Consider what you are packing. It’s better to try to sell some items or give them away and buy new ones upon arrival at your new home. Make sure that the belongings that you take with you are those that you and your family absolutely need.

Every item that you take with you should be packed properly. Before you unpack them be sure to sanitize them. You should search for any tips regarding moving and packing to make your short-notice move as easy as possible.

People who self isolate in the countryside have more space and numerous daily activities to choose from. There are many benefits to leaving NYC and moving to the countryside with your family at this time. But please consider that the best healthcare is usually available in big cities and that you could potentially spread the coronavirus by moving.

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