Important questions to ask your Toronto real estate agent before buying

Once you have decided that it is time to move, wait with looking for moving supplies. First, you should know what to ask your Toronto real estate agent before buying a home. Finding a home is difficult, and buying one is expensive. Fortunately, if you know what to ask, the process can be much easier, and because of that we made this guide to help you buy your home.

What location should you chose?

Before even looking at specific houses, you should ask your Toronto real estate agent about which neighborhood would be best for you. Deciding on a neighborhood can be confusing and overwhelming, but with your real estate agent’s help, it doesn’t have to be. Among other things, consider asking about: your work commute, quality of schools, road or neighbor noise. Knowing this information can help narrow down your options.

What should you look for when touring houses?

If you don’t have experience in buying houses, you can easily get distracted with eye-catching features. Expensive flooring, quality appliances and so on. But if you focus on those details, you can miss crucial problems with the home. Your realtor can help you focus on the right problems when touring homes. Things such as water damage, sagging ceilings and insect damage can be very expensive to fix. So make sure to ask your real estate agent what you should pay attention to.

Man checking wooden floor
Your Toronto real estate agent should point out the crucial problems

What expenses can you expect after buying a home?

Finding the right home to move to is difficult. And once you find the right one, buying your own home is very expensive. However, buying the home itself isn’t the only expense you need to worry about. Besides the down payment, there are also closing costs, moving expenses, and where to find assistance for transport. In addition to your mortgage, you’ll need to pay for utilities, homeowner’s insurance, property tax and so on. Make sure to ask your Toronto real estate agent about these expenses to avoid being blindsided by costs you didn’t know about.

Toronto real estate agent holding a sold sign
You should be prepared for more costs after buying your home.

Hiring movers

Of course, once your real estate agent has helped you find the right home, you need to organize your move. When at this stage, be sure to ask your realtor if they know any reliable movers who work in the locale. Finding experienced and reliable movers such as should be much easier with your realtor’s help.  Of course, you shouldn’t just take your realtor at their word, be sure to check reviews online and ask around to confirm the reliability of your movers.

Packing for the move

Once you have decided on a home and found your moving company, it is time to pack for your move. Make sure to ask which essentials you will need for the moveIt is important to have the right things packed for your move. Both for during your move, and for the first days after the move.

What should you ask your Toronto real estate agent?

Deciding on a home for yourself and your family can be difficult. Buying a home is expensive and organizing a move is stressful. However, we knowing what to ask your Toronto real estate agent can make the entire process much easier for you. We hope that this guide can help you have a stress free experience with getting your first home.

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