How to reduce moving trauma for a person with dementia

Having dementia in your family is not that uncommon. It is an illness that is becoming more and more present and a reality for many people. As such it can complicate everyday life and activities. If we are talking about moving, dementia can cause additional problems and worries. However, it is possible to organize a successful move of people suffering from dementia. The key is to reduce moving trauma for a person with dementia and take care of them during the process.

Reduce moving trauma for a person with dementia with good organization

Moving with dementia is a specific situation and it certainly is not an ordinary move. The key is to plan it and organize it in advance to avoid having trouble. As we are talking about an illness, your move may be dependent on doctors’ advice. You should make your moving plan and schedule based on the patient’s condition. Make sure to plan your move for the time when the patient is stable to reduce moving trauma. Consult the doctors and even adjust medication and therapy to create a stable and manageable moving condition that will not cause additional problems.

An illustration of a man losing his memories.
Although it is serious and complicated, moving with dementia is possible with good organization

In addition, consider some of the moving tips and tricks that can help you handle your move with dementia without problems. The key is to reduce moving trauma for a person with dementia and make their move easier. Here is the list of advice you should follow:

  • Make a good plan for your move
  • Find professionals to handle the move
  • Find adequate moving services that you will need
  • Be flexible with your move

Moving plan

Moving plans in this type of situation are critical. You must prepare it with a full understanding of the patient’s condition and its needs during the move. Create a detailed plan and several alternatives to make your move a success. can provide expert moving advice for these situations and you can also search online.

Professional movers

It is always good to hire professional help for your move. Having someone that is experienced will ease your mind considerably. Reputable and trustworthy companies have a lot of experience and can be very helpful in special moving circumstances like this. Be open and explain the situation to your movers. They will be extra careful to adapt and also help with advice or additional services they can offer.

Adequate services

You should contact your movers on time to make arrangements for the move and services you will need. The services will have an impact on price so make sure you have the information when planning your moving budget. Make sure you have a list of all types of moving-related services with their prices to plan accordingly.

Be flexible

Moving with dementia can be unknown. If the condition of the person deteriorates you must be prepared to change your moving schedule and plan. So, make sure you and your movers have an understanding that such changes can happen. Have an alternative prepared and make sure you all adapt. Make sure that the person you are moving is ready and prepared before you get going.

Black and whiTe of old woman laughing as she knows how to reduce moving trauma for a person with dementia.
If you do it right your move can be trauma-free even for people with dementia

So, moving with dementia is not impossible. You just have to take extra care, be patient, organized, and flexible. Everything will be OK and go smoothly if you plan your steps and execute them carefully all the way

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