How to protect expensive artwork when moving

Why it’s important to protect expansive artwork when relocating is obvious. But ways to do it are not as obvious. So, that’s why we are here to help you out and give you a few good ideas and tips. Also, we aim to show you what can be your best asset in this relocation. The most important element here is time. If you have enough time you can plan this ahead, you will find good solutions and everything will be just fine!

The best way to protect expensive artwork

The best route you have is to hire professionals. You can do this on your own, of course. But most people will advise you against it. Simply because art tends to be irreplaceable. If something happens to it, repairs might not be possible. So by investing money in hiring professional movers (the ones that are specialized in this sort of relocation) you are making sure that your valuables are safe and sound. So think carefully about this one if you are not 100% sure that you have all the necessary equipment for this relocation.

hiring professional movers is the best way to protect your expansive artwork
Movers can help you with this relocation, and they have appropriate equipment for it.

How to find the right movers for this

Not all movers are the same. Anyone can relocate moving boxes containing clothes and such. That is something basic and easy but your situation is different. You need ones that can guarantee the safety of your precious art. Some of them will have this service listed as an additional service. So when you are looking at movers online first you need to make sure that this is something they do regularly and know how to do this. Your next step is reading the reviews previous customers left. Focus on the ones that also had to relocate expensive items. Don’t hire the first ones.

Preparing your artwork for relocation

Before relocation, your art needs to be properly protected and packed. Cleaning is your first step obviously. For some sort of artwork, you will need to hire professionals but with most, you will be able to do it on your own. Packing in order for it to transport safely is your next step. If you can do this on your own with a little bit of help from bubble wrap and packing paper. If your artwork is way too delicate you can leave this part to the movers as well.

some art is hard to handle on your own, luckily there are professionals to help.

Moving day

This is a day when you will most likely feel panic. This is normal, considering the stakes here. But if you do your work and prep on time everything will be just fine. Of course, you should invest in insurance, too. That way if something does happen you will be covered. Insurance is always a good investment. Good luck! Hopefully you will easily protect expensive artwork of yours and soon it will be at your chosen destination.

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