How to efficiently pack and move IT equipment

Working in the IT world means having to invest a lot of money in IT equipment. You need good computers, laptops, keyboards, and everything that goes with working in IT. This is why you want to pay special attention to how you pack and move IT equipment. You don’t want anything to get damaged or broken as it is valuable to you and you invested a lot of money in your equipment. And if you aren’t sure how you can do just that, you came to the right place. We gathered the best tips and tricks that are going to help you pack and move IT equipment most efficiently and safely.

Get the necessary packing supplies

The first thing you are going to need in order to pack and move IT equipment are packing supplies. In order to pack and move your office with ease, you need something to pack it in. You are going to need:

  • cardboard or plastic boxes
  • bubble pack
  • styrofoam and packing peanuts
  • ziplock bags
  • labels
  • tape.
Packing supplies you will need to pack and move IT equipment.
Get all the necessary supplies ready.

If you have saved the original boxes in which your equipment came in, it would be best to use them. But as not many people save these boxes, the only solution is to purchase new ones. There are special boxes meant for moving things such as computers. They are large and narrow. If you are moving long distances or moving in bad weather, it would be a good idea to use plastic boxes. They do cost more money but they are much better than cardboard boxes. They are water-resistant and they are much sturdier. This means that they provide better protection to your items. Plastic boxes are much easier to carry around too. The best part about them is that they are reusable.

You need a bubble pack and styrofoam to add extra protection to your items. The tape is used for securing boxes no matter which ones you get. You are going to need labels for the boxes. Ziplock bags are great for moving cables as they keep them away from tangling and getting ruined.

Before packing

Once you get the necessary packing supplies, you need to get your equipment ready for packing. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that all your equipment is clean. This is going to make moving into a new space much easier as you won’t have to clean. Plus, this is the perfect time to put some effort into making your equipment look as new as possible.

Once you clean it, you should take pictures of your equipment. Make sure that you check if there are any damages to your equipment before you pack it. This way you will know if something happened before or during the relocation. Plus, if something gets lost during relocation, this is your proof.  If you are moving your music studio you need to make sure that you do this step too.

A woman using a mobile and a laptop.
Take pictures of your equipment before packing it.

How to pack IT equipment?

When you finish taking pictures and examining your equipment, it is time to get to packing. You are going to use a bubble pack to wrap everything. A bubble pack protects your things from breaking and damaging. Make sure that you secure the bubble pack with tape too. Once you do that, put everything into boxes. Pack each piece individually for maximum protection. Fill the empty spaces in the boxes with styrofoam or packing peanuts. This way even if your equipment tumbles around during relocation, the chances that it is going to get broken or damaged are much lower.

When it comes to cables and other small pieces, pack them into ziplock bags that you are going to place inside of the boxes of the parts they belong to. Make sure that you put labels inside the bags too as you never know what could happen. Label your boxes and remember to write ‘fragile‘ on them as these things are, in fact, fragile. Secure each box with tape so it doesn’t open up during relocation.

How to move IT equipment?

Now that you know how to pack your IT equipment, you need to know how you can move it. If you are going to have a DIY move, you need to make sure that you pay special attention to these items. But we always suggest hiring movers for any type of relocation. Some moving companies have special services for your tech gear and moving with these companies is definitely a good idea. Moving without movers is always risky as you are not a professional mover. Some IT equipment is also heavy which makes it hard to carry around as much if you aren’t used to carrying heavy things. But movers are. And they will make sure that they handle your belongings the best way possible and without any damages.

A man carrying cardboard boxes.
Moving these items on your own can lead to damage.

Should you have moving insurance?

If you are moving with movers, the company you are moving with might offer you moving insurance. Moving insurance means that the company is going to compensate for any damage done to your items during relocation. But you need to have one thing in mind, there are a few different types of moving insurance. The first one is free and you only receive 60 cents per pound of the damaged item. This is definitely not enough money to repair IT equipment and it’s far from enough for buying new equipment. That is why there are other two insurances and you need to make sure that you ask your moving company about them. Getting coverage for damaged items is important. Make sure you have moving insurance even if you are moving your art studio.

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