How much does it cost to ship a car to another state?

Nowadays, shipping a car is not a big problem. Whatever your need is for transporting your car, there are a lot of offers, services, and companies that can handle the transport of your car. Usually, we tend to ship cars when we move, for car shows or if we want to sell them. Whatever the reason for such a move, the shipping process has its price. If you are moving long-distance or from state to state,  there are additional factors that can influence the price. So, how much does it cost to ship a car to another state?

Ship a car – the average cost

Car shipping has its price and it is dependent on many factors. The costs can be high. The calculations show that the average shipping cost ranges from 500 to 1500 dollars for a cross country transport. Also, the cost will vary and depend on the selection of the shipping company you chose. Your shipping cost will predominantly be determined by the distance for shipping as well as by the whole list of factors.

A car train which is one of the options to ship a car to another state.
There are many car shipping options

How  to calculate the cost to ship a car to another state

Well, the basic calculations start to form the distance that the car is to be shipped on multiplied by the average cost per mile. This calculation will only give you a broad estimate of the cost. In reality, the final shipping cost will be determined by a list of factors. Let’s name a few that are most important:

  • Type of delivery
  • Type of transport
  • Other elements
  • Schedule for pickup and delivery

Type of delivery

There are two options for delivery that will influence your shipping price. There are door to door and terminal to terminal deliveries. Door to door delivery is usually more expensive since the shipping companies will pick up and deliver the car at a designated address. This takes extra time on the road so it is more expensive. The other option is the delivery from and to a certain terminal. In this case, you have to deliver a car to a certain point and then pick it up after the delivery. This will cut your cost but it will require you to make arrangements after delivery and pickup. Also, your car will spend some time unattended before it is loaded up for shipping.

Car on a tuck trailer.
Get your car picked up or drive it to the terminal

Type of transport

You can choose to transport your car in open car transport. This means that the car is open and exposed to the elements during transport. In this case, the car can suffer damages during transport. The risk of damage is very high so the price of this type of transport can also be very low. Closed transport means that your car is enclosed and protected at all times. This type of transport is usually used for classic and expensive, luxury cars. These cars cant be damaged so the price of such transport is much higher.

Other elements

In addition, certain elements can also influence the shipping price. If you schedule a delivery at a certain date you can request a refund if the car is late. You can also have an additional cost for insurance. Reputable companies will provide insurance in their quote. This insurance will protect your car from damage and even theft. Get informed about the shipping rates. Moving multiple cars at the same time and to the same location can cut your cost considerably.

Schedule for pickup and delivery

Make sure that you schedule your car shipping well in advance. This will allow you to be flexible in your organization. You can get more shipping quotes to chose the most affordable for the same shipping distance. You can arrange for the shipping in late fall or winter. Usually, summer months are more expensive for car shipping. Also if your plan is flexible about the delivery date you can get a better price. Shipping companies will provide adequate storage for your car until you are able to pick it up.

Sports car loaded on a truck
Expensive and classic cars need special care

So, shipping your care today is easy. With proper preparation and research, it doesn’t even have to be expensive. Be sure to analyze and weigh your options before making a final decision when you need to ship a car to another state. Find out in advance just how much it costs to ship a car and pick the best option.

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