How do long distance movers calculate the cost

Long-distance relocations start at 100 miles away, or out of state. They are always interesting experiences. They’re very exciting and yet stressful. What people seem to be worried about the most are the prices of these relocations. We all know that they have to be higher than local ones, but how do long distance movers calculate the cost exactly? There’s a big difference between $1,000 and $3,000 and you should know what you can expect. Here are some factors that long-distance movers take into consideration when calculating your costs.

How do long-distance movers charge?

If you moved only locally before you’re familiarized with charging by the hour. However, long-distance movers tend to charge by the load. Prices are usually between $2,000 and $5,000 depending on many things. However, you can expect a price of around $o.50 per pound of the load. As you can see, this moving scenario is different than other specialized moving services out there. It’s not important how many things you have, but how heavy they are.

Man thinking about how do long distance movers calculate the cost.
There are many factors that impact how do long distance movers calculate the cost. Be sure to know them all.

What to consider when trying to realize how do long distance movers calculate the cost

  • How much stuff you have? As we already mentioned, weight is a critical factor here. So, you’ll pay much less if everything you have is clothes. Opposed to someone who has a house full of bulky and heavy antique furniture that he needs to move.
  • How many movers will you need? Typically, two to three movers are setting off for the trip. In some instances, it’s possible to raise the number of men, but the price will go up accordingly.
  • Cost of truck and gas. Unfortunately, the load is not the only thing that moving companies charge for. You’ll also have to pay a fee for a moving truck and gas mileage. Some of them are bigger than the others and have worse gas-mileage, so be sure to consult with your movers about the size of the truck.

Special items are accounted for additionally

If you’re planning to move a special item like a pool table or a piano is, know that how do long distance movers calculate the cost is adding these onto the price. Now, this is understandable. Items like these are very complicated to move and they can bring lots of problems with them. For instance, if a piano can’t fit down the stairs, they’ll have to bring the lift up, and that increases the cost. Read all the moving tips for beginners if you want to know more about this

Piano prepared for relocation.
Moving a piano is not as easy as you may think.

Additional fees

These are all of the basic costs of long-distance moving. However, there is a way to spend even more money. If you want your movers to pack all of your possessions before the moving day, you can pay for that. There’s also an insurance fee, that you should definitely get.

You can save some money by booking ahead of time

One last thing that you can do to save some money when moving long-distance is to book your movers ahead of time. As soon as you know the date of your relocation, contact them. This will probably get you some kind of a discount as they benefit from having moves scheduled this way.

That would be everything on the topic of how do long distance movers calculate the cost. Plan ahead of time, think about all the aspects, and of course, try to get the best deal possible. Good luck!

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