Homebuyers’ guide to Manhattan neighborhoods

Manhattan neighborhoods are very exclusive and people all over the world dream about living there. You might be one of the lucky few who made it and now are looking for a place to call home – in Manhattan. How amazing is that? Congratulations are in other. Now, let’s see the neighborhoods and we will also show you who can help you out on this journey of yours. Yes, you will need some help because everybody wants to live here and the place is full. It won’t be easy to find a great place in a great neighborhood unless you find skilled people to help you out. So, read on, and hopefully, soon enough this text will be just a memory you will cherish in your amazing Manhattan home.

The prices

Something we also need to mention is the prices. Since this is something you already know we won’t be talking about a lot but just in case we need to prepare you. The median price for apartments in Manhattan is (currently) $916,000 and the median price of a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan is $710,000. When it comes to moving costs – you can find precise moving quotes online.

money thrown out
This will be expansive.

A list of Manhattan neighborhoods

Before we start talking details it’s important to list all important Manhattan neighborhoods. Chances are you already know them but just in case we will show you :

  • SoHo – perfect place for fashionistas
  • Upper East Side – there is a whole tv show in celebration of this neighborhood called “Gossip Girl”
  • Upper West Side – the most exclusive part of the Manhattan
  • Greenwich Village – famous for jazz clubs and Off-Broadway theaters
  • Tribeca – a very hip area with amazing industrial style buildings
  • Lower East Side – a place with the best nightlife
  • Lower Manhattan – financial district
  • Harlem – known for its diverse crowd, jazz clubs of course, and the amazing soul food institutions of African-American heritage – this is a very up and coming neighborhood
  • East and West Village – for the fashionable crowd who prefer a calmer place to live in
  • Hell’s kitchen – once, a long time ago, this was the lowest and filthiest part of the city and now
  • Little Italy – where you will eat the best Italian food outside of Italy
  • Chelsea – if you want a townhouse or you like low-rise apartment buildings this is the place for you
  • China Town – this might not be the best place to buy real estate right now but if you like Asian food you will love this neighborhood

These are not all the neighborhoods in Manhattan, there are more like NoHo, Flatiron District, Washington Heights, Hamilton Highs, Inwood, Nolita, and many more but we had to single those out and write a little something about them so you get some sort of idea. Upper East Side and Soho are the two trendiest places right now so let’s talk about them a bit more.

Manhattan from the water
Choosing a neighborhood will not be easy.

Upper East Side

As writing this the sound from the tv show Gossip Girl “Good morning Upper East Siders” is in the air. This is a very posh neighborhood but it’s a bit overcrowded. It’s not so easy to find a place you will like here. Mainly because everybody wants to live in this affluent neighborhood. So, if you want to find a place here start now. Use all resources starting from the most basic ones – Zillow and when the time comes to relocate – experts are there for you to help you with all your moving needs and settling in your dream home on the Upper East Side.

SoHo – one of the most popular Manhattan neighborhoods

Do you know why this place is called SoHo? It’s an acronym for South of Houston Street. This part of the town is full of the most exclusive designer boutiques, fanciest chain restaurants, and some of the best coffee shops in the world. The most fashionable crowd lives here. But living here you will be able to see celebrities like Daniel Craig, Dakota Fanning, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Samuel L. Jackson, and John Legend. How cool can that be? This part of the town even looks exclusive with elegant cast-iron-facades and those amazing cobblestone streets, even strolling around there will make you feel posh. If you think this can be an ideal place for you call professionals in case you need assistance with your household items.

Homebuyers in Manhattan – who can help

We already said that this won’t be easy. When it comes to finding a neighborhood – we showed you some very good picks and you need to research them. Once you are sure which neighborhood you want for your future home the time will come to hire a realtor. This is the best way to get any kind of real estate in NYC. If you find a home and you are unsure about it you can call a home inspector to come with you and check the place for potential red flags you want to avoid when buying your dream home in Manhattan.

A handshake
Find experts to help you.

More help

Lastly, when the time comes to relocate, you can call benhur.com to help you with all your moving needs. They can be there whether you need help with packing, unpacking, or anything in between. Make sure to call them.

Little things can help too

You can try for a DIY move but this is not something we recommend. Little things like downloading moving and packing apps can be of help. Let’s not forget the Zillow app you can use while on the house/apartment hunt. You will need to look for your future home every day until you find a good one. This is a process that will take some time.

Good luck

Make sure to research all of those neighborhoods and to be patient. When it comes to prices some experts believe that prices will be a bit lower in the second half of this year. This is just a prediction. It is made on some facts but still a prediction so if you find a place you like for a price that is ok for you – go for it!

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