Guidelines for buying a beach house

If you are considering buying a beach house, you are in the right place. This decision can be exciting, but also scary. On one hand, beach homes offer heavenly views, an excellent atmosphere and a wonderful array of recreational activities. However, before you call our packing services, you should thoroughly research the market, set your budget realistically and choose the area you would be moving to in order to make sure it has all the amenities and local attractions you desire.

How will you close the deal?

Another dilemma you may face when buying a beach house is whether to hire a local real estate agent to represent you or to hire the listing agent of the property. They represent the seller. The dilemma here is that not every real estate agent knows every area equally well. And, listing agents usually accompany showings in all parts of the area. So you may feel it’s cheaper and more convenient to go with the latter. But, it’s always smart to have your own representation when moving. Just like it is smart to hire a reliable moving company for the job. Also, it is always good to have the agent do one final walkthrough before purchase.

Guidelines for buying a beach house - a house on a beach
See how residential prices have fluctuated in the neighborhood over the years.

As you are thinking about these options and conducting research, here are some areas of home-buying to discuss with your agent, the listing agent, or both.

Examine the Weather and the Land

The first thing you will want to do when buying a beach house is research the weather throughout the year for your area. Don’t forget the land around the house. You need to know if the soil is stable or if it is common to experience erosion in your neighborhood. See how many severe storms, such are hurricanes, the area suffers from each year. If it is possible in any way, we want to recommend you consider a home that’s built on stilts. House on stilts offers better protection against flooding and soil erosion.

Call a local insurance agent if you’re buying a beach house

Beach homes often require additional insurance policies. Some additional insurance policies we recommend you take into consideration include insuring your home for flooding occurrences, the umbrella insurance, and high-value home insurance. Certain homeowners provide endorsements. And if these are available, they will also help with increasing your financial protection. Common homeowner’s endorsements are a water backup and sump overflow, the watercraft. You probably get the picture by now – floods happen very often in some areas. Other endorsements include personal property replacement, inflation guard and guaranteed replacement cost, which are all great, so take notes.

Spend some in the neighborhood you’ve been eyeing

Before buying a beach house, spend some time in the neighborhood that appeals to you before you hire moving services to relocate you. The most practical (yet expensive) way to do this is to rent a home near your ideal home. After you’ve lived there for a short time, it will become easier for you to determine whether you like the area or not. You’ll also learn where the grocery stores, shopping, and entertainment areas are, so you will be able to decide if that works for you. You’ll get an amazing chance to mingle with the locals and find out what the best places to shop and dine are.

Talk with local real estate agents when buying a house on the beach

Make sure you pay a visit to several local real estate agents. Real estate agents have all the inside scoop on the available homes, the state the market is in a moment and what it’s tendencies are. By collaborating with a local real estate agent when buying a beach house, you may even find a hidden gem. The perfect home at an affordable cost that has everything you need and want!

a tree
Even when you’re not in your home for a good part of the year, lawns still need mowing and maintenance needs to be done.

Even when you’re not in your home for a good part of the year, lawns still need mowing and maintenance needs to be done. If your HOA doesn’t do it, arrange maintenance services before leaving the island, as well as emergency help.

Are you buying a beach house to visit seasonally or for good?

If you are planning to move permanently, our tip here would be to check businesses and grocery stores are open year-round. It is not unusual that in smaller communities, especially those that only generate income from tourists, many businesses close during the off-season. However, If you are buying a house on the beach to use it as a vacation home for a few weeks per year, it is a clever business move to rent it out when you are not there. This will generate some extra income for you and you could repay some of the costs of the mortgage and insurance.

Get a thorough home inspection

When buying a beach house, you should schedule a thorough home inspection of the house that’s your top pick. Find out if there are any hidden problems with the house. What your inspector should be looking at includes the support structures, roof, plumbing, and HVAC system. If the inspection does tell you about certain problems or maintenance issues, you can use that information to lower the price, or you can get the current homeowner to make the repairs before closing the deal. Never sign the paper before you get this info.

Also, ask about upgrades

Sellers are known for trying to earn back what they spent on any improvements they make. In reality, you shouldn’t go for it. Consider upgrades as good maintenance and that’s it. Ask about all the utilities, for example, if the house has solar panels, they might not provide electricity. Some just have enough power to heat the water.

a furniture and paintings
Shipping is expensive, as well as the local prices for furnishings. Negotiating for furniture and commodities to be included in the sales price is not uncommon.

Seal the deal!

Once you finish buying a beach house, you can start enjoying your dream oceanfront home. Beach homes are great for people who love water. Consider buying a house on the beach if you need easy access to water sports. After you do follow us, you’ll no problem to close the purchase. You’ll be lounging and enjoying a cocktail on the beach in no time!

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