Guide to moving your NYC art studio

After making the decision to move your art studio, there’s a lot of work ahead of you. Packing everything safely is a huge challenge since all the tools and art pieces are quite fragile. That’s why proper organization and on-time preparation are necessary. Luckily, we are here to help you out. Here’s a guide to moving your NYC art studio – you need to make sure everything is fast and simple.

Start as early as possible

The last thing you want to do is move your art studio in a hurry. Dealing with fragile items is risky, so it needs to be done properly and on time. Therefore, be sure to make plans for moving your NYC art studio months or weeks in advance. This way, you can ‘predict’ every step of the moving process, which will make the organization much faster and less stressful.

A man making a sculpture in a NYC studio.
When moving your NYC studio, it’s good to be prepared in advance so you can organize your time well and move without stress.

Don’t move everything

If you’ve been in the old art studio for a while, it’s probable that you have many items piled up over the years. That’s why decluttering is the first and most important step of packing your art studio for a move. Be sure to get rid of all the items you’ve accumulated over time, and you don’t need in your new place. This is beneficial in many ways. Firstly, you’ll need less time and packing supplies – which also means lower moving costs. Furthermore, you’ll make more space in your new place. Having a fresh start in a spacious studio will help you be more creative and productive.

Art studios often include a lot of items you don’t need anymore, so be sure to declutter your creative space before packing.

Hire professionals to help you out

As you’re dealing with the fragile ( and most likely, valuable) items, it’s best not to risk their safety. If you don’t have enough experience, time and patience, hiring professionals to do the work is the best thing to do. A moving company like has a skilled team that can deal with your art studio carefully. This way, you will have enough time and energy to prepare for the relocation, and most importantly, avoid the stress. Moving professionals have all the necessary tools and supplies that will make your move quick and easy and above all, safe – both for your items and your health.

Pack safely

Packing an art studio is the biggest chunk of work in the moving process. Probably the best idea is to hire professional packing services from a certified moving company. This way you can carefully relocate your cherished artwork. This is the best way to ensure the safest transport to the new space. However, if you decide to pack everything on your own, be prepared properly. Start on time and get all the necessary packing supplies. It is important to take as much as you need and pick only the high-quality supplies. Here are some more tips on packing and moving your NYC art studio:

  • Do not skimp on packing supplies. –  Make sure you have enough moving boxes, and most importantly – protection like packing paper, bubble pack, etc. Also, be sure to have enough tape to seal the boxes properly.
  • Don’t overpack. – Putting too many items in a box will make it to heavy to carry, and also very risky for the items inside. Don’t overpack to save on moving boxes, and fill the free space with some packing paper.
  • Label your boxes – To make unpacking much easier, put a label on each box or packed item. This way you’ll know where each item is, so you can put the boxes in appropriate rooms or parts of the new studio.
  • Seal the boxes well – To avoid your art pieces and equipment get damaged during transport, be sure to seal the packaging tightly before you load them onto a moving vehicle. Have a lot of heavy-duty tamp on hand, so you can be sure your boxes won’t open.

Relocate flammable and fragile things by yourself

If your studio includes some chemicals that are easily flammable, you need to find a way to relocate them by yourself. Most of the moving companies will refuse to relocate such items, so it’s up to you to take care of them. If you’re moving long-distance, it’s best to get rid of such items (sell or take to the appropriate place for such waste). However, if you’re moving your NYC art studio locally, be sure to pack these containers well, and drive them carefully to the new studio.

painting supplies
Relocate flammable and fragile things by yourself.

This advice is also important with very fragile and valuable items. You should protect a valuable piece of art well, so you can transport it in your own car. It’s good to take care of things like this by yourself, without a risk of them getting damaged with the rest of the boxes.

Don’t forget an inventory list

When moving your NYC studio, don’t forget to make an inventory list of the things you’re moving. This can be of huge help when you start packing. You can estimate how many packing supplies you need, or when organizing the moving boxes. Furthermore, an inventory list can serve as a great proof if anything bad happens – items get damaged or lost during transport.

Compare the old and the new place

When moving a studio, be sure to compare the old and the new space so you can be sure everything fits. Measure the width of the doors, hallways and check if there are any tricky places for carrying bulky pieces. Also, when you compare the two floorplans, you can easily see where everything should go, and tell it to the movers. This will make the move-in process much faster, once the items are put in the right place.

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