Guide to hiring New Hampshire movers

Is your relocation approaching? If it is, then, you are probably all stressed out, right? We understand! Moving is tough and it requires a lot of time, energy, and money. You have to prepare your family, gather all the necessary paperwork, organize your belongings, etc. However, there is a way to make all of this a lot easier! And, how? Well, with the help of a moving agency. Trust us, professional movers can organize your move properly, safely, and in no time. Your job will be only to make sure you found the right movers. And, that is why we are here. Here is our guide to hiring New Hampshire movers. Thus, if interested, keep on reading.

Ask For Recommendations From The People You Trust

Unfortunately, we live in the world of wrongdoers. And, believe it or not, those same wrongdoers exist in the moving industry too. Some just want to take your money and leave, some want to take all of your stuff and leave, and some want to ‘kidnap’ all of your belongings and return them only after you pay them a large sum of money. So, it is understandable why people are afraid and hesitant to leave everything they own in the hands of some unfamiliar people. Thus, the best thing you can do when hiring New Hampshire movers is to make sure they are reliable and trusted. And, how to do that? Well, by asking for recommendations from the people you trust. Before moving house, call everybody – friends, family members, neighbors, and colleagues and ask them about the movers they recommend.

A woman talking over the phone about hiring New Hampshire movers.
When hiring New Hampshire movers, call your friends for a recommendation.

Do Your Research Online

However, if none of your trusted people moved recently and do not know any reliable movers, do not worry, there is a mother solution. Simply turn to our trusted ally – the Internet. The Internet is full of information about finding movers, about DIY moving ideas, or even about ideas on transporting bulky piano with ease. So, yes, the Internet is a great place for finding New Hampshire movers. But, you can not hire the first moving company you find there. You must do thorough research. Do that by checking the company’s website and the comment section. Then, check their social media accounts, of course, if they have them. And, if you want to be extra sure, consider checking all the forums too! Forums are a great place to find out what people have to say about a particular moving agency. 

Our advice it so to do this online research even if some of your friends recommended you some moving agency. You can never be too sure when giving somebody all your possessions and a large sum of money. Thus, do a background check before anything else! Do it if you plan on moving your office too, not only your household.

Meet the Movers in Person

After you have found several moving agencies online and did a background check on them, it is time to meet them in person. That is the best way to ensure you are hiring New Hampshire movers that are reliable and trusted. However, still, many people avoid this step. Do not be one of those people! Meet your movers in person. All reliable moving companies like Preferred Movers North Hampton must have an office where they meet the potential clients. So, get their address and make a visit.

But, if a moving company representative refuses to meet you, trust us, that is a red flag. And, if you do schedule the meeting, make sure you go there prepared. Do not hesitate to ask any question you want. After all, movers are there to answer any moving-related question. In the end, if they seem polite, reliable, and trustworthy during the meeting, ask them for an in-home estimate. 

Two men talking.
Before anything else, schedule a meeting with your movers!

Ask For an In-home Estimate

As mentioned before, after meeting your movers and making sure they are legitimate, the next step is to ask them for an in-home estimate. This is a great way to meet with your movers once again, to ask any questions you have, and of course, to know the final price of your relocation. All good and reliable moving agencies offer this option to their clients. However, some of them will offer you online or over-the-phone estimates too. Our advice is to stay away from those. And, why? Because they do not give you the chance to meet your movers nor are precise.

When a moving company’s representative comes to your home, make sure to show him/her everything you plan on moving. Do not forget to include your garage, attic, and basement too. That way, the price of your move will be precise and you will not have to worry about any unpleasant surprises on a moving day. Do this step even if you need to organize a short-notice move too.

People talking and shaking hands.
Meet your movers in person and ask them for an in-home estimate!

Compare the Bids When Hiring New Hampshire Movers

By now, you should have done an online background check, met the movers in person, and got their bids from an in-home estimate. You are almost done! Now, take all those bids, and write them on a single piece of paper. Try to compare the prices, services, and everything they offered to you. However, do not choose the cheapest moving company you found. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. So, our advice is to always go for the golden middle. Stay away from the companies that are too expensive as well. Choose the one that suits your budget, but also your needs. Hopefully, all these guidelines can help you when hiring New Hampshire movers for your upcoming relocation.

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