Guide to downsizing – how to pick the perfect size apartment

Having a big home is great but it can sometimes be unnecessary. A bigger home means more cleaning to do. And not a lot of people actually love big spacious rooms. Some prefer a cozier feel, smaller rooms. And plenty of people seem to be downsizing not because they want to but because they have to as well. This is why we decided to write a downsizing guide. But we also wanted to give you some tips on just how to pick the perfect size apartment. This isn’t as easy of a task as one might think it is. There are plenty of things to pay attention to and we are here to make it easier by giving you a couple of pointers.

Set your budget

The first thing you need to do is to set your budget. By doing so you will know just how much money you can spend. And you have to prepare your budget on time. You can then save up more money to have for the moving process and decorating your new home. Make sure you set a realistic budget. Consult a professional regarding this.

Setting a budget is very important.

Know your needs and wants

Once you have a budget set, you should start thinking about just how big you need your home to be. How much storage space is necessary for you and your family? You have to think about the future if you will be investing in a home and not renting one. If that is the case then you need to know very well what you are going to need in a couple of years’ time. This is because moving shortly after purchasing a home just doesn’t make a lot of sense. It is a much bigger hassle to first have to sell a home to be able to move than to just pick the perfect size apartment on the first try.

Declutter your home before moving

A very important thing that you need to do if downsizing is to declutter your current home. Downsizing means moving to a home that is smaller than the one you are currently living in. This means that you will have less storage space. This is why getting rid of some things that you don’t really need anymore is very important. But if you don’t have what to get rid of but you also don’t have where to keep these things in your home, you can rent a storage unit. If you can’t throw them away, think about selling your stuff online.

Garage sale
Sell and donate what you don’t need anymore.

Use furniture with built-in storage

Using furniture that has built-in storage is the best thing to do when downsizing. This allows you to use as much of the space you have available as it is possible. These are great if moving into a micro-apartment in NYC for example.

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