Fun ways to explore North Bend with your kids

Only 30 minutes away from Seattle, you can find a special little town called North Bend. Its rich historical background and wonderful nature are only a few reasons why you should explore North Bend with your kids. It is an ideal destination for a family trip. It is also a great outdoor place to raise a family in, surrounded by culture and great outdoors at the same time. This town has permanently marked its place on the US cinematography map by being a setting for one of the most popular 1990’s shows by David Lynch – Twin Peaks.

Moving closer to North Bend

If you have chosen this destination as your new home and you are looking for ways to get to know the place better, or simply want to have a healthy trip with your kids, North Bend can definitely offer a lot, depending on your preferences. Before moving there make sure to adequately prepare for your move. Moreover, should you need any assistance, hire reliable local movers in order to avoid being overcharged. Also, relieve yourself from all the stress moving to another place can cause before getting to know the town better. Whether you are moving alone or with your family, exploring North Bend is gonna be a great experience.

People in tents camping outdoors.
Experiencing nature fully with your family

Having fun during summers

North Bend is a cozy place, surrounded by the Cascade mountains in Western Washington. The Snoqualmie Valley where it’s situated is a very important historical landmark. Snoqualmie Native American people were the first settlers in these areas, and they made sure to leave significant trails in material culture that can be enjoyed in Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum. Nature itself is breathtaking, where you can go camping or simply enjoying one of few hiking trails.

If you are a fan of fishing and swimming, Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area is a place that offers you all. I bet you did not know that North Bend has the oldest and largest continuously functioning railway museum in Washington? We’ve found out from local movers from that the Northwest Railway Museum is a good place to start if you wish to explore North Bend with your kids. After all, who knows best? If you want to get educated tours about the US railing system, you will enjoy an antique train excursion.

Winter wonderland and ski passes

If you plan to enjoy the riches of North Bend with your kids during winter, you will have great fun. Enjoy snowboarding, skiing, and doing tubing runs. Everything is only about 20 minutes ride from town away. The area offers you a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, wineries, and shopping places, in case you want to rest and slow down from exciting winter activities.

A family skiing.
The best winter fun outdoors – skiing with your family

Art and culture in the center of the city

If your family is into art and culture, you should definitely visit the Mountain View Art Gallery. It features local art and often organizes small cultural events. For those enjoying performing arts more the Valley Center Stage has a lot to offer. You can enjoy all kinds of experiences there from theatre plays to community productions and concerts.

Once you had the chance to visit and explore North Bend with your kids you will refer to this place as – “easy to reach, hard to leave”. If you’re looking for a new moving destination for your family less than an hour away from a big city, look no more. North Bend is a place for you!

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