Full-service storage vs. self-storage

Renting a storage unit is a very common thing. Quite a lot of people have storage issues either because they live in a home too small for them or because they have a tendency to hold onto things or they just own a lot of things. Keeping everything you own is never an option. There are surely plenty of things that you don’t really need or use which we would suggest getting rid of before renting a unit. Renting a unit is going to be another monthly expense for your family. You can reduce it by simply decluttering your home. But that is not what we are here to talk about. We are here to discuss whether it is better to have full-service storage or self-storage. There are pros and cons to both options hence why we decided to dig deeper into this topic in this short guide.

The difference between the two

You might be wondering what is the difference between the two types of storage units. Full-service storage is basically a huge group of storage units that are locked at night but are open during the day. This is so that you can come, collect your things, leave some more, or just simply do a monthly checkup and vent your storage unit. And no, you aren’t sharing storage with anybody. You have your own storage room but they are all located in one building or one piece of land.

Garage door.
Full-service storage units are located in one building usually.

Self-storage units are most likely climate controlled. They aren’t grouped together rather they are individual. These are great for using if renovating a home for example. As you will frequently visiting your storage unit to leave more things, you won’t be bothering anybody. The only con would the fact that there is nobody to help you load all your belongings into the unit whereas there are employees to help when you rent a full-service storage unit.

Which one is better?

Now that you know just what the difference is, you are surely curious to know which one is better. And to be honest, it just depends on your needs. If you need a place where you will store certain items for a longer period of time and you don’t want to have to think about it too much, renting a full-service storage unit is what you need to do. The employees who work there will keep an eye out on your storage room and update you if anything goes wrong.

Using both types of storage has its pros and cons.

But if using a storage unit for a short period of time, a self-storage unit is for you. Just as we mentioned, it is much easier to access a self-storage unit than a full-service one as they are individual. This makes short-term storage much easier to access therefore easier to use. But self-storage units are climate controlled which is a huge advantage if you have things you need to keep safe.

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