Explore Starkville, Mississippi

Starkville is the county seat of Oktibbeha County, Mississippi. It is a small town with a population of 25,000. Even though it is not that big, there are a lot of things to see Whether you are moving house or visiting, you must explore Starkville. So let’s get to it. We have an article for you about the most interesting places to visit.

Mississippi State University

We are starting this article with Mississippi State University. MSU is one of the best schools in the state. It has a wonderful campus that you can visit with your family when your kids need to go to university. MSU will provide your kids with a great education and make sure they are ready for the world when they finish their schooling. The grounds are beautiful and easy to get around. The university has 19 fraternities and 13 sororities, which means a vibrant social life. When your kids decide to move out for college, find assistance near you to help you with the relocation. Trained movers will handle everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about breaking or losing your belongings during transportation.

an image of people in a library in Starkville.
If you want to explore Starkville properly you must visit the MSU campus

Explore Starkville and its nature in Noxubee Refuge

For anybody who likes the outdoors Noxubee Refuge is a must when they come to Starkville. Noxubee Wild Life Refuge was established in 1940 with the mission of protecting migratory birds and other wildlife. Go hiking, bike riding, or canoeing and work up a nice sweat. Don’t forget to bring a camera to take pictures of beautiful nature and wildlife. You will encounter alligators, and if you come in the springtime, you may see the endangered red-cockade woodpecker. Pack your essentials and come visit the refuge.

Experience history in the Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library

Ulysses S. Grant became famous as he leads the Unions Army’s Vicksburg Campaign in Mississippi. His legacy is being kept alive in the Presidential Library in Mississippi State University. The museum is managed by MSU and Ulysses S. Grans Association. Since the opening, many people have come to see the exhibits displayed in the Presidential Library. There are 4 statues of Ulysses S. Grand in different stages of his life, manuscripts, and many more. To make history come to life, they also have interactive learning. Anybody can visit and learn while using interactive screens. Visit the museum and have a blast.

an image of Ulysses S. Grant
Learn about Ulysses S. Grant the 18th president of the United States

If you want to explore Starkville, visit The Magnolia Independent Film Festival

For any fill buff, this festival cannot be skipped when in Starkville. The Magnolia Independent Film Festival (The Mag) was started in 1997 by Ron Tibbett. The Mag is the longest-running film festival in Mississippi. The festival supports all filmmakers so that it can enrich the Mississippi movie scene. Be ready to see different types of movies from independent moviemakers that will change your view on cinema. They have the festival every year, so you don’t have an excuse to miss it.

Experience the beautiful architecture of the Cotton District

The Cotton District is a community in Starkville. The Cotton District stands out from the rest of the town because of its unique architecture. The founder of the district Dan Camp got his inspiration when he traveled to Europe. The buildings have many different designs. They are a mix of traditional neighborhood development practices in the 1960s. Every year there is an arts festival in the Cotton District where locals and tourists gather to listen to some great music. There are also elements of Greek Revival mixed with Classical or Victorian. This is a good neighborhood to live in and spydermoving.com can help you move into it stress-free. Trained professionals will help you move into your new place and settle in.

Explore Starkville and its Community Market

Looking for good and fresh produce, then you must visit Starkville Community Market at the Fire Station Park on Russell Street. Local farmers bring out their best goods. Homegrown vegetables and fruits bring color to the Community Market. Support your locals and their incredible agricultural work by buying from them at the market. The Community Market doesn’t run all year round. Only from May to the end of August get the best products then.

For those interested in horology, visit the Cullis & Gladys Wade Clock Museum

The Cullis & Gladys Wade Clock Museum is located in the lobby of the MSU Welcome Center. It has a collection of American watches, some as old three-hundred years. The collection numbers over four hundred clocks. Ti k-tock time goes on and the clock museum is waiting for you.

an image of clocks
The clock museum is waiting for you

Explore Starkville and its Community Theater

For those who love the performing arts, visit Starkville’s Community Theater. Located on Main Street, the Community Theater cast will have you glued to your seat, with their wonderful performances. Laughing and crying are unavoidable.

Cobb museum of archaeology

For those interested to see different objects from around the world, go to the Cobb Museum of Archaeology. The museum Is located in the basement of the Cobb Institute. There are over 5,000 artifacts in the museum. The objects come from the Near East to the Southeastern United States. 2,500 people visit the museum per year and the objects are used by students of MSU in their research.

For sports fans who are exploring Starkville, Davis Wade Stadium is a must-see

The stadium was constructed in 1914, and its full name is Davis Wade Stadium At Scott Field. It is the home stadium of the Mississippi State Bulldogs football team. It has a rich history. Come and experience the thrill of football at one of the games. 

The end of exploring Starkville

Those who want to explore Starkville, visit or move here so that you can enjoy the city forever. Use apps to help stay sane during your move o this beautiful city in Mississippi.

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