Explore Maplewood like a local

You have moved to Maplewood – congratulations! Whether you have moved here to start a new job, to be closer to your loved ones, or just to change things up a bit, it does not matter. What matters is the fact that all the moving-related processes are over and that you can finally relax. But, do not relax too much – go outside and explore Maplewood! Trust us, with so many things to do and to see here, you will not be disappointed! However, do not explore Maplewood like a tourist, explore it like a local! And, do not worry, we will show you how. So, if you want to explore Maplewood like a local, keep on reading.

Do Your Own Research

First things first if you want to explore Maplewood like a local, you must avoid tourist guide books and do your own research. Doing that is easy. All you have to do is open your browser and check out all Maplewood’s websites, pages, social media accounts, etc. There, you will certainly be able to see where do locals like to go and what do they like to do. Moreover, do this before you actually move – do it at the same time as you research those moving tips for beginners! This way, you will have your exploring journey all figured out before you even relocate.

A woman doing a research on how to explore Maplewood like a local
If you want to explore Maplewood like a local, start with research.

Talk to Your Neighbor

Once your allseasonmovers.com movers help you unpack all your items and once you settle in, go outside and meet your first neighbor. Be friendly and polite, and that neighbor will not only tell you how to explore Maplewood like a local but will also take you to the places where all locals go. 

Don’t Go Where Tourists Go

Some people think that following tourists is the best way to explore a certain city. But, again, that is exploring a city like a tourist not like a local. The difference between those two is that tourists visit only the city’s landmarks and locals visit places that represent the ‘real’ city. Those are usually local coffee shops and restaurants, street markets, parks and recreational areas, etc. That is where you will be able to experience the real Maplewood vibe, meet the locals, etc. And, trust us, there is not a better way to get rid of relocation depression than doing this!

Two women walking.
When exploring a city, go where locals go, not where tourists go.

Get Recommendations From Locals

And, when you meet those locals, ask them for recommendations. That is, ask them to advise you where to go. But, do not ask only about sightseeing places, no. Ask about the best supermarket, the best bank, the best exchange office, etc. If you want to explore Maplewood like a local, these are also the places you should know about. Thus, do not hesitate to ask around. Most locals will be happy to help you out. Just like your movers will help you settle in with no hassle, so will the locals help you get around with no hassle

And, Don’t Be Afraid to Wonder

At the end of the day, the best way to explore Maplewood is by wandering around. Thus, take a weekend off, put on your walking shoes, and just go. It doesn’t matter where. You never know where the streets will take you. However, do not go just anywhere! Stay away from shady streets! Avoid secluded and empty areas – always go somewhere where there is a ton of people.

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