Expert guide to loading a moving truck

Loading a moving truck is not as easy as it sounds. Honestly, it does sound pretty straightforward, right? You just put your moving boxes and voila – you are ready to go! Unfortunately, that’s not the case. There is much more than that. That is part of why we call movers – professionals. Now let’s see how you can do it on your own.

First things to know when loading a moving truck

Before you do anything it’s important to label all the moving boxes. Especially the ones that are containing fragile items! Those fragile signs need to be bold and noticeable. When this part of the job is done you can start loading a moving truck. It’s important to know which box is which and to separate the ones that are sensitive. The ones containing sensitive items – leave them for the moment.

moving boxes before loading a moving truck
Make sure to label all the boxes before the moving day comes. That way there will be no surprises.

How to start loading a moving truck

The best way would be to start by loading the furniture first. Put those big sofas and such in the back of the truck and on the sides. Make sure that they are covered properly so later on you can put smaller boxes on them. Try to put furniture next to each other when the truck starts moving the weight won’t let them move a bit.

A sofa in a living room.
Furniture is the biggest so it’s best to start from there just make sure that all your furniture is packed correctly and safely so it doesn’t get scratched during transportation.

After the biggest items are done

When you put the chunkiest items in the back and on the sides and stack them near you can start loading the biggest moving boxes next. The big ones that are not containing anything fragile should be down and then you can bring the ones containing sensitive items. They need to be secured separately and nothing can be on them so the items inside can stay safe.

Who can help you

You can do it on your own of course, but be careful while loading a moving truck – there is a chance that you can hurt your back while heavy lifting. That is never a good thing. You can ask your friends or family members to help you out surely but you still have the risk of back injuries in case of not heavy lifting properly. That’s why it might be the best choice to hire professional movers. They can deal with heavy lifting. They are trained to do this and by hiring them you get a hassle-free relocation. That is the reason why most people just hire movers to deal with all aspects of relocation. It’s simply easier.

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