European countries popular among US expats

With over 2.5 million people relocating to the EU in 2019, Europe is amazing for ex-pats. Internationals relocate to Europe for many different reasons like better career options, better wages, and a higher quality of life. That being said, our experts from Movers Downtown created this list of the best European countries popular among US expats!

Best European countries for US ex-pats

Europe, in general, is amazing for job seekers and ex-pats, but some European countries stand out. We created a list of the most popular countries to help you make a decision. Some of those countries are:

  • Finland
  • Switzerland
  • Luxembourg
  • Spain
  • Ireland
  • Belgium
  • Portugal
  • United Kingdom

These countries are listed in no particular order, as they are all unique in their own way.


Finland is considered as having among the most socially progressive systems in the world. This applies to the country’s healthcare, which is both affordable and accessible. Expats are not required to pay expensive fees for a quick check-up or emergency care, as they would in some other nations. If you decide on moving to Finland, you should know how to pack, move and unpack like an expert to make this process as easy as possible!

Aurora Borealis in Finland
Finland is famous for its amazing nature and occasional Aurora Borealis!


Switzerland is another fantastic European country, with its chocolate, natural beauty, and high standard of living. For many ex-pats, Switzerland offers security, stability, professional prospects, and financial security. It also has an excellent work-life balance, which allows people to handle their family and career without stress. However, it remains one of Europe’s most costly countries, so if you wish to relocate there, you must be financially secure.


Luxembourg routinely rates high among the world’s most popular ex-pat locations in terms of quality of life. This European country boasts an astonishing number of advantages that may persuade any hesitant ex-pat to relocate to this small, landlocked European country, including a government that cares about its citizens and appreciates their well-being. Relocating to Luxembourg is easy if you let the pros handle it. Many moving companies are happy to assist you in your move to Luxembourg as one of the best European countries popular among US expats!


Another frequent ex-pat choice is Spain. It provides the same advantages as its neighbors, including a good standard of living, a strong health care system, and reasonable costs. The North American Language and Cultural Assistant program allows American ex-pats to migrate to Spain rapidly. However, this program does not lead to permanent residency; if participants want to stay in Spain permanently, they must have a valid work permit.


Ireland has been one of Europe’s surprising success stories in recent years. This country, a lovely island west of the UK with lush landscapes and rough, stormy coasts, is drawing an increasing number of ex-pats, not only because of its beautiful beauty but also because of its recent economic success and high living standards. The Emerald Isle, as it is sometimes romantically referred to, has a population of fewer than 5 million people, which is over half that of New York City.

Ireland’s overcast forecasts don’t detract from the attractions of a country with a remarkable natural aesthetic and a peaceful way of life, despite its reputation for continuously bad weather. When moving to Ireland, it is good to know that there are many moving and storage companies at your service, and they will help you out. Just know what you need or what is the right size for your storage unit!


Belgium is one of the more popular European countries among male ex-pats. This is probably because of the huge amount of beer and love for sports. Belgium is home to some of the most famous breweries in the world and it is filled with both new and old pubs and taverns. It also has an amazing job market. Many young professionals from the US choose Belgium because it is becoming one of the biggest IT hubs in the EU.

City square in Belgium
Belgium has everything from amazing beer to great business opportunities making it one of the European countries popular among US expats.

Moving to Belgium is as easy as moving to Luxembourg. You just need to find a reputable mover and pack. But, contrary in Luxembourg, here, professional help is a must. Belgium has some complicated laws and paperwork required and having professionals handling the heavy lifting you will have time to focus on that. That way you and your staff be in Belgium in no time!


For ex-pats, Portugal is among the finest countries in Europe. Its popularity is due to its pleasant environment, rapid economic growth, good educational possibilities, and high quality of life. For most foreigners, Portugal is quite inexpensive, and living costs are substantially cheaper outside of Lisbon. Furthermore, Portugal is noted for its openness to foreigners and abundance of social chances for cultural assimilation, making it one of the easiest countries for ex-pats to settle in. It is also great for families that are moving with newborns or small kids because there are a lot of kid-friendly places!

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the greatest European countries popular among US expats. Americans find it easy to integrate into their new nation, interact, and absorb the culture and beliefs since the language barrier is non-existent. Furthermore, the United Kingdom remains one of Europe’s most economically developed countries. It is also incredibly easy to move to with help from professionals like Transparent International. They will load your stuff into a shipping container and it will be there for you in no time!

Aerial view of London
The UK is great for US ex-pats because there is no language barrier.

If your job requires you to relocate to the UK, one of the most usual ways to do so is through an intra-transfer business visa. However, there are numerous alternatives for work visas, family visas, and investor visas for prospective investors in the United Kingdom. The UK’s only downside is that it is no longer a member of the EU. That means its residents do not have the same privileges as other EU members and their freedom of movement is limited. Keep that in mind if you are already in the EU and you want to organize a DIY move!

A couple of final thoughts

Now that we listed European countries popular among US expats, you should be able to make an educated decision. Weight out the pros and cons and we are sure that you will find the right one for you. As mentioned before, if you like some other country, go for it! In the end, you are the one moving and you know what is best for you!

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