Best small towns in NY to raise a family

There are plenty of small towns in NY that are perfectly good for families. But we want to show you the best ones. New York City is not everything the state of New York has to offer. Small towns are always a better solution for kids. They are more friendly, peaceful, and let’s not forget that they are safer. Another plus for small towns is air pollution. They are less polluted than big cities.

Best small towns in NY for families

We took many factors into consideration. Prices – because if you check out prices in Manhattan neighborhoods you can get dizzy. Also, quality of life, safety, and school ratings were just some of the factors we looked into and this is what we came up with. Make sure to check these places and if you like some of them we will show you who can help you out with moving there :

  • Elmsford
  • Skaneateles
  • Sleepy Hollow
New York City
New York is much more than New York City.

Elmsford has the best scores

This great village in New York state really stood up. There are less than 5000 residents here but that is also the reason why this is a pretty safe and nice place. In fact, this just might be the best place in the state to raise a family. The community is close-knit and you can find some of the most amazing authentic mom and pop shops here which is a rarity these days. If you are planning to relocate make sure to get a helping hand from the pros. When it comes to relocation, you can always find help.

Skaneateles is the prettiest small town in New York

This small town got its name because of its lake called Skaneateles Lake. This is one of the cleanest lakes in the country. This is also a pretty small community, with just over 7500 residents but it’s definitely the most beautiful place in New York state. We recommend you research it a bit more because it can be a perfect place for you and your family. If after thorough research you decide to relocate here make sure to call to help you out.

A family  of four taking a walk in one of the small towns in NY
Your family can be very happy here.

Sleepy Hollow

Even though its sounds made up, this is a real place located along the eastern shore of the Hudson River. This small town is known to be among the safest places to live in New York or so Safe Choice Security says. This charming small town is highly rated among families and we also recommend researching it when choosing your new home. When moving you can call movers or you can have a DIY relocation, it’s up to you.

Moving from NYC to a small town

This is a very common occurrence. New Yorkers start planning a family and suddenly NYC doesn’t sound like a great idea anymore. That’s why it’s best to find a small town near NYC where you will have a peaceful life and still be able to come to NYC when you want or need to. It’s a win-win combination and surely you will be very happy.

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