Best small towns and villages in Illinois to raise a family

The state of Illinois has a big variety of towns, villages, and cities. Chicago is the third biggest city in the country and due to this, it gets most of the attention. However, there is a lot more Illinois can offer. Several smaller towns offer a friendly population, beautiful landscapes, cultural activities, and hence, an overall family feeling. Here is a list of some of the best small towns and villages in Illinois to raise a family.

What the best small towns and villages have?

When looking for the place to settle with your family there are several factors to consider. Things like the following:

  • Crime rates
  • Unemployment rate
  • Quality of the education system
  • The proximity of a major city
  • Demographics of the area
  • The cost of living
  • Local weather conditions

Illinois is known for its amazing schools, low crime rate, and as one of the most family-friendly states in America.

The back of a school bus
Illinois is known for the high quality of its schools.

Best small towns and villages in Illinois

Elmwood Park

Elmwood Park with a population of 24,680 is located in Cook County. It is a suburb of Chicago and hence it has an urban vibe. Most people who live here own their own homes. The community is tightly knit and above all people find time for one another. There are a lot of parks and an above-average number of public schools. You can find many good restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. Movies and concerts are held in the park as well as festivals and other fun activities. Don’t hesitate to begin your search for the right moving company which will ensure that your Elmwood Park move will go smoothly.


The Village of Skokie has over 64,000 residents and is located 15 miles from downtown Chicago. Skokie has great accessibility to transportation. The options range from CTAs Skokie Swift rail line to Edens Expressway and ten Pace suburban bus lines. This Cook County settlement covers 10 square miles of land and has an amazing variety of activities to offer to people wanting to call it home. Skokie also has superior municipal services and offers the great Skokie Public Library, the nationally acclaimed Skokie Park District, the North Shore Center For Performing Arts, and a great school district. It’s among the suburbs with the fastest growth in the nation.

Municipal property taxes have been frozen since 1991 and in addition to that Skokie has some of the lowest user fees in the suburban Chicago area. Skokie has some great things to offer. Find out first hand just how great Skokie is and start organizing your move just around the corner from Chicago.


This Chicago suburb is known for its low crime rate. Deerfield’s crime rate is 70% below the national average. The economy is driven mostly by the healthcare industry. For people in this line of business, there are numerous opportunities to find a job. The median household income is $144,229/year. When considering moving with your family you should know that the school district in Deerfield is among the best in the state. If you need help relocating to this great and safe place you can always find reliable movers like Golans Moving and Storage to help you with your move.


Education is very important to the residents of the Village of Hinsdale and the quality of education available is very high. From elementary school through to middle school and high school, schools in Hinsdale are very highly rated. The crime rate is quite low, 80% below the national average. And those are just some of the things that make Hinsdale a good place to settle with your family. If you plan to move here with your elderly parents gather more information to help you with this move. The median household income is high, 4th highest in the state. If you need a more urban feel you can always visit downtown Chicago in just 20 minutes.

Lake Bluff

The village of Lake Bluff has 5,612 residents and is located on the North Shore of Lake Michigan. With around 80% of adults having a college degree and a high percentage of people holding a master’s degree or higher, the poverty level is quite low. The crime level is low too, the 10th lowest in Illinois. The median household income is $162,109/year.

Lake Michigan in fall.
If you are looking for amazing natural scenery, Lake Bluff will not disappoint.

Buffalo Grove

Located in Lake County this suburb has 41,600 residents. With one of the best educational systems in the country and a low crime rate, it is an excellent option for relocation with your family. The total crime rate is 75% below the national average.  The cost of living is pretty low and the median household income is $111,435/year. The median home price is around $324,600. The unemployment rate is lower in comparison to some other places in Illinois. All of these facts make Buffalo Grove an interesting option for relocation with your family and if you plan to move your office when you relocate find out how to do it with ease.


A place like Wheaton has a lot to offer. Wheaton is home to 53,585 residents and has 52 parks sprawled across 829 acres. Wheaton has some of the best public schools in America and it is a place where the unemployment rate is amongst the lowest in Illinois. The cost of living is somewhat higher. The average rent is $1,250, in contrast, the average annual income is $85,705.

If Wheaton sounds like the place for you and you need to relocate with short notice find useful information to help you with a move.

Clarendon Hills

With a strong sense of community, Clarendon Hills is a suburb with 8,600 residents. Its public schooling system is amongst the best in America.  This small community has a low crime rate, allowing you to feel safe and comfortable. With an average income of $105,720, the population is made up of mostly middle-class people although the cost of living is higher on average than in the rest of the country.  Home prices are high, around $500,000.


With a population of around 3,500, this small community has plenty to offer. There are ten golf courses nearby, and on Galena River, you can go canoeing, boating, or kayaking. Galena is located 13 miles from Galena flows Mississippi. You can also go on a trip to visit the Apple River Canyon State Park which offers beautiful scenery and as a result nature lovers will certainly love fishing and camping there. The community is fairly safe as there are almost no violent crimes. Similarly, in comparison to the national average, the crime level is low.

A view of the Mississippi river.
Find a place that will bring you peace and tranquility.

Relocating with your family is always hard. There is a lot of research and organization involved. We hope that our list of the best small towns and villages in Illinois to raise a family can help you narrow down your list of potential locations and save you some time.

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