Best places to start a family in Delaware County, PA

When starting a family or planning it in the near future, your life will change completely. One of the changes is a place where you will live. You need a family-friendly and safe place. If you want to start a family in Delaware County, PA then you need to know where to move, because this county has a lot to offer. It may be very stressful, but to make it easier, do research and explore the real estate market and cities in Delaware County.

Where to start a family in Delaware County, PA?

One of the first steps to take when planning kids is to choose the right place for kids. A place with good schools, a lot of parks, family-friendly amenities, etc. Pennsylvania has many different counties and Delaware is one of them. Luckily, this county has plenty of cities and small towns perfect for families with children. You can choose from living in a small suburban area or downtown family living. This is the list of some of the best places in Delaware County to start a family and raise your kids.

Holding hands and baby shoes.
Starting a family requires a lot of preparation and it often means moving to a different place


It is definitely one of the best places to live in this county. Why? It has great and highly-rated public schools, a low crime rate, amazing nightlife, and affordable housing. Swarthmore is a place where your kids can play outside every day and you don’t have to worry. With less than 30 minutes you will be in Philadelphia if you need to.

Radnor Township

A small suburb in Delaware County with a population of about 32,000. If you are able to afford living here, this may be one of the perfect places to raise your kids. The median home price is $652,000 and most people own a home here. As well, this is one of the top 5 places in PA with the best public schools. Move to a new city or town with ease by hiring professional movers at an affordable price.

Nether Providence Township

Nether Providence Township gets the best scores when it comes to raising a family here. Besides it has great schools and family-friendly places, housing is affordable compared to other towns in PA. The average home price is $341,000 and about 90% of residents own a house. There are not a lot of attractions in Nether Providence, but you can still have fun.


It is an unincorporated community, located in Radnor Township where you can start a family. Wayne is a quiet and small place and if you are looking for a place where you can have a peaceful life, this is it. Wayne offers great crews to help you move to this area stress-free, so your only job will be to enjoy and to take care of other moving-related tasks.

Upper Providence Township

Upper Providence Township has a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks and many young families live here. But also, it has a lot of retirees too (16% of residents are 65+). It is very safe and quiet but a little bit expensive. People are friendly and this suburb has beautiful surroundings. The best way to feel its vibe is to visit it before you move here for good.

Chadds Ford Township

A very small suburb where people know each other and it has a population of 3,800. Public schools are highly rated and ti is a safe place for kids to play. If you want to live in a big family home with a backyard, consider Chadds Ford.

Hiring a company for moving to Delaware County

After choosing a place where to start a new life and to raise your family, it is time to organize the relocation to Delaware County. If you want stress-free and simple moving, then you should hire professional movers and let them transport all your household items. Do the research and look for moving companies online, but don’t pick the first company you will find in PA. Choose a couple, contact them, and compare their services and price. One of the company’s website to visit is

Moving boxes.
If you need help with packing and moving, just hire a reliable moving company from Delaware County

You can find a moving company even if you are moving in the last-minute. One of the good things is that the relocation may be more affordable because last-minute offers are better.


Besides choosing a location, you need to choose the right family home and to know how to move. You will need a home big enough for the kids, where they can play and grow. The average home price in this county is $243,000 (the median rent is $1,500) and prices have gone up 6.5% over the past year. The real estate market is very hot, and you can choose from different homes. When buying a family home, pay attention to:

  • Location is one of the most important things, and that is why we focused on the best places to start a family in Delaware County.
  • Stick to your budget because having kids is not cheap at all. Don’t choose a house that is too expensive for you.
  • Choose the right size of a home and keep in mind that you won’t live alone anymore and your kids need space to grow and play. Having a backyard is a big plus.
  • Walk around the neighborhood and talk to locals and visit a home more than just once. Go to the parks, visit schools, talk to the neighbors, etc.
 A house where to start a family in Delaware County.
Choose a family house according to your needs

As you can see, choosing a location to start a family in Delaware County is just half of the job. You need to choose a home and to organize a relocation too. Starting a family and raising kids is a big step and responsibility. That is why you need to plan every step in advance. Good luck with your relocation to Delaware County!

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