Best New Jersey places for retirees 2022 edition

Although retirement is not easy and can cause a lot of stress it doesn’t have to be too difficult. Retirement is a big life-changing experience but with a bit of positive thinking, it’s not too difficult to adjust to it. You can always look at it as a threshold in your life and an opportunity. You will be able to try and experience new things you weren’t able to before. That is the reason many retirees move to other cities to experience new life. Many of them chose to pack essentials and move to New Jersey. It is a great place that has a lot to offer for seniors. But what are the best New Jersey places for retirees today? Where is the best place to make a new home after retirement?

NJ as a retirement destination

When you think about retirement Florida always comes to mind. However, that is the place that tourists love and can get overcrowded easily. It can be too dynamic for seniors. This is why NJ seems to be a popular alternative for retirement. Although a garden State it has much more to offer than just gardening. It is a place that has many small cities with tight-knit communities that offer a small-town feel. They are quiet and peaceful places perfect for retirement. The state has some great nature and natural beauties history and heritage.

A street and parked cars
Many smaller towns and communities are perfect for retirement in Jersey

In addition, it has an ocean and a beautiful Jersey shore. At the same time, it is close to New York so it also offers a more dynamic atmosphere if you are up for it. With many amenities and qualities suitable for retirees it draws a lot of them in. So, let’s explore some of the great places for seniors in Jersey.

Cities that seniors love

There is a whole list of retiree-friendly cities in Jersey. Their best qualities are affordability, location, and safety. These cities are perfectly located to a transportation hub offering easy access to both the shore and NYC. It is one of the safest states in the US and it is affordable and great for retirees with lover pensions. Plus, Jersey is home to Ample Moving New Jersey which can offer the best moving services that retirees to Jersey may need. But let’s see which are the best New Jersey places for retirees by popular opinion:

  • Jersey City
  • Plainfield
  • Manchester Township
  • Monroe Township
  • Clifton
  • River Edge

Jersey City

Jersey City is one of the popular destinations for those that want to be close to New York. Taking a short trip to NYC is easy and fast while the city offers a lot. The city is affordable and is great for inhabitants that love interesting locations and historical, artistic, and cultural happenings. There are some great trails and perfect nature to enjoy in Battery and Liberty State Park in Jersey City.


Moving into Plainfield can be the best decision you can make. This place is one of the best choices for retirement in Somerset County. This quiet community is great for people of all ages. It is a great place to blend in and make new friends and connections. When you are moving in you can find and work with certified people to complete the move. After that, it is easy to relax and enjoy this community and have fun

Manchester Township

Manchester Township is located in Ocean County, between New York City, Atlantic City, and Philadelphia. It was founded by William Torrey and named after Manchester in England. It is a place with beautiful lakes, parks, and preserved open space. According to many, it is a great place to raise a family.

Lake in New Jersey
Both nature and tranquil places as well as the proximity of NYC make Jersey great for retirees.

Leisure village west

Retirees simply love this beautiful community in Ocean County. This place is perfect for seniors as it offers homes at reasonable prices and has a lot of senior-friendly amenities. Homes here are two-bedroom and bathroom homes with garage and parking. The Village offers many services like landscaping, snow removal, and maintenance. This makes retirement easier and simpler.

However, if you are into more dynamic retirement and socializing there is even more. There are over 50 clubs and clubhouses here. You can enjoy two golf courses and many biking and hiking trails for seniors as well as a lake. There are also climate-controlled greenhouses and plenty of greenery in this garden State haven.

Monroe Township

Monroe Township is located near the center of New Jersey. This is a great place for retirement in one of many senior communities. Clearbrook and Greenbriar are just two of the most prominent New Jersey places for retirees.


With over 2000 homes in affordable retirement communities, this is a place great for making connections with people in one big friendly neighborhood. Clearbrook offers two clubhouses, hobby rooms, and many outdoor activities for seniors. This is a community for retirees that want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle within the community. However, the community is very affordable and you can easily find your place here after a stress-free senior move. Homes are ranch styled usually of brick and stone. If you are looking for a dynamic lifestyle and a busy schedule then Clearbrook is perfect for your retirement.


If you are looking for a touch of luxury Greenbriar is perfect for you. This place offers many modern amenities and social activities. At the same time, it is close to the shore, New York and Philadelphia. This is a perfect place for an active retirement, sports activities, and socializing.

A small town in NJ is one of Best New Jersey places for retirees
Small quiet communities have a lot to offer to retirees here


Although it is a large town Clifton has a tight-knit community. it offers more of a small-town feel and is a great place for families and retirees. It is a place with an easy commute to NYC f you need it and plenty of parks and trails to enjoy. This is a place that is quiet with a suburban feel perfect for seniors. It is also an affordable place that is great for settling in. Retirees coming here can always trust that Clifton-based experts can jump in and help them with relocation. moving to Clifton is easy and a good decision.

Make a move toward your NJ move!

So, NJ is a great place for retirees who will also greatly appreciate an affordable long-distance relocation. It is well connected and has a good climate. New Jersey and the cities in it offer many amenities for seniors retiring here. Some of the best New Jersey places for retirees are very popular and present a good alternative to other states and cities.

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