Best moving supplies for fragile items

Relocations are stressful. So many things need to be packed, cleaned, and then the unpacking, stacking, and so on begins. The thing that makes moving extra stressful for sure is packing fragile items. Protecting expensive artwork is key. Souvenirs, glasses, plates, etc., can be very easily broken during the relocation, so it is difficult not to be stressed because of that. That’s why today we’ll write about the best moving supplies for fragile items.

Equip yourself well

Don’t skimp on supplies. It is better to have excess supplies like boxes or tape in the end than to overdo them and run to the shop in the middle of the packing. Here are our suggestions on the moving supplies for fragile items that you should provide:

  • bubble cushioning
  • packing peanuts
  • packing paper

The most important moving supplies for fragile items

Bubble Cushioning

This tool is very useful when packing fragile items. Bubble cushioning is a piece of foam or even a bubble wrap that is filled with air and then placed between the items and boxes you are packing. It gives the items a cushioning effect and prevents them from getting damaged due to the sharp edges of the boxes.

A woman looking at her laptop and reading about moving supplies for fragile items
Inform yourself about how to protect your precious belongings

This is particularly useful when packing boxes. You can also use bubble cushioning for packing fragile items such as a laptop. If you are packing delicate or fragile items and you will be moving them, we’d recommend that you get this.

Packing peanuts

Packing peanuts can be useful. They will prevent fragile items from getting damaged when boxes are stacked.  Just place packing peanuts between the items and the boxes and they will keep the items safe. It is best to do this before you stack the boxes. It is also convenient to use these because they are light and compact. You can also use the packing peanuts to secure the items and boxes and prevent them from sliding.

However, if you are packing items that are very prone to breakage, we recommend that you do not use packing peanuts. This is because packing peanuts are usually made from foam and may not be as sturdy as the items you are packing. In addition, they are not suitable materials for packing very delicate items.

Packing paper

Packing paper is a very important tool for packing fragile items. It is used to protect fragile items such as glass, ceramic, and painting, from getting damaged. This paper is very lightweight and is easy to pack because it is paper-thin. It’s cheap and can be bought from any store.

Three clear wine glasses
Glass is one of the most problematic items to pack

It is also convenient because packing paper is not only easy to fit into boxes, it is extremely easy to remove and it comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. We recommend that you choose packing paper that matches the size and shape of the boxes you are packing.

Handle with care

Now that you know some of the best moving supplies for fragile items, you don’t have to worry about your favorite possessions getting damaged. But if you still have some doubts, you can find professionals to help you with things that are not on our list. But in the end, if you follow our suggestions, you’ll enjoy your move without stress!

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