Best Florida places to retire

There is a time in life and certain age when you still have dreams but not enough energy to start from the beginning. You have achieved all your professional and personal goals, at least most of them. You have a need for a fresh start, time for yourself, and some rest. At that point, you should start to think about retirement. When you approaching retirement age, you are increasingly attracted to a quiet life and a desire to take care of yourself. Start your hunt for a warmer climate, find some long beaches for a walk, and some places there are safe and sound. It is easy to find everything you might need, just consider the best Florida places to retire and point your finger at the location on the map.

Why choose Florida?

Florida isn’t all about tropical weather, beaches, and metropolitan areas.  This state has numerous benefits for retirees, for example, a massive retirement community is one of the 10 most tax-friendly states for retirees if they want to save some money during their retirement. This is a great way to save your hard-earned money during retirement. Florida has FRS Pension Plan in which you are guaranteed a benefit at retirement if you meet certain criteria. Florida has some of the best places to retire in America. You can find a variety of reasonably-priced places and options for relocation wherever you like, the city, the beach, and everything in between.

Best Florida places to retire are easy to find, these cities are very well known.

Fort Lauderdale – one of the best Florida places to retire

Fort Lauderdale is one of the best places to live and enjoy in Florida. It has a great location, beauty, proximity to major cities like Miami. With many canals and golden sand of beeches, this city is so charming. This is also is a safe place with a low crime rate. Does this give you enough reasons to want to live in this beautiful town? All you have to do is pack your bags and come, Fort Lauderdale, will greet you with open arms.

Relax and enjoy your retirement

West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is known for its beautiful, irresistible, long, and sandy beaches and as one of the best Florida places to retire. It attracts people who want a calm, beautiful, and quality vacation from all over the world. You can find some historical neighborhoods and communities around here:

  • Bel Air Historic District – this neighborhood was developed for a salesman who helped develop Palm Beach. Now it is a historical place with many tales to tell.
  • Central Park – This is a collective name for several subdivisions. This neighborhood was listed in the National Register of Historic places and it is one of the places you will have to visit.
  • Flamingo Park – At first this was a plantation of pineapple but through history, it developed into one of the elite neighborhoods in Palm Beach. You can find many styles of houses here. For example, there is a Spanish style, Mediterranean, mission style…
  • Grandview Heights – This is one of the oldest city’s neighborhoods, built as an extension of Palm Beach around 1910. but it is still intact, and it has one of the best collections of early craftsman-style bungalows you can see. You can also find some modest ones.
Sunset on the beach
Enjoy your free time with full lungs

With its art and culture content, festival and shows which take place throughout the whole year, shopping areas and districts, this town represent a perfect place to settle when you retire. Moving here can be the nicest and easiest thing you will do. One thing you can be sure of is that these locals can help you settle in without a fuss. After you find your place under the West Palm Beach sun, packing and relocating will be a piece of cake with the help of local movers.


The best way to spend your time and be active is to visit theme parks. At least, there are a lot of them nowadays. This town is the center of the Orlando metropolitan area and it has the nickname “the City Beautiful” which led to it being the most visited city. If you want an active retirement this is a place for you. The city flourishes from tourism due to the presence of Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort. You can also entertain yourself in museums, art centers, or in the theatres and symphony orchestra. Shopping malls are unavoidable in a place like this. If you ate into uninterrupted action and fun in your retirement, this is a perfect place for you. In Florida, you can easily find a crew to transport everything to your new home in no time. Just make a decision.


In Tampa Bay, along with Florida’s Gulf Coast spreads a major city. Tampa has well – deserved place on the list of “Best Florida places to retire „ because of its subtropical climate, with its coconut and palm trees and long beaches and majestic neighborhoods, it is a place for rest. A wide variety of architectural designs and styles make it unique and fun. You can visit some of the skyscrapers, there are 21 of them, and it is home to a variety of stage and performing arts venues, stages and theatres, and home to a number of museums. Enjoy your time around here. This town has developed potential for recreation, great local cuisine offer, and major events which are conducted throughout the year. Moving here will be a corking way to start your retirement and begin a new journey.

Man walks on the beach
Your time is now

Some more places to consider

This is just a tip of an iceberg. The list goes on with Venice, Pembroke Pines, Port St. Lucie, St. Petersburg, and others. Be sure to do good research before you relocate. Take care of where you will be located, how close you are to the things you love, and what you do. The closeness of family and friends should be a fact that will affect the decision.

Think about yourself, this should be a moment to do so. Make sure this is the beginning of the period that will be more pleasant for you because you deserve it. Best Florida places to retire are cities that have a lot to offer. Choose what you like the best and what will fulfill your time in the way you like. Retirement is synonymous with your moment of relaxation and enjoyment.

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