Best European countries for cheese lovers

Do you think about a big relocation to Europe and you are a foodie? Cheese is something that everyone likes to eat. There are thousands of cheeses all around the world, and Europe is the main continent for producing cheese. Europe is a continent with a lot of different countries, and every country is unique and special. They have different cultures, languages, traditions, and of course – food, including cheeses. Where are the best European countries for cheese lovers? If you are visiting Europe and planning to spend a lot of time there, first explore its beautiful places.

Pros of moving to Europe

First of all, why should you move to Europe for a year or more? What this continent has to offer you? The list of advantages is endless, but here are some of the most common reasons why people are moving to Europe in the first place.

  • You don’t need a visa to travel from one European country to another. Literally, you can spend one weekend in Italy, and another weekend in France. If you like to travel, Europe is a perfect place where to do that. You can live in one country but visit other European countries for cheese lovers every month.
  • Healthcare is very affordable. More affordable than in the USA. Also, women in Europe have more paid days for maternity leave. If you get sick in Europe, you don’t have to worry about expensive bills after.
  • Some countries have very high salaries, and a lot of people are moving to Europe because of job opportunities. Every country has different job options, from art, and fashion, to high-tech. Just name it. A lot of big companies are located in Europe.

But our list doesn’t stop here!

Cheese board.
Try cheese from all around Europe and really enjoy

There’s even more.

  • Work/life balance is better in Europe, compared to the USA. People work fewer hours and spend more time outside after work.
  • A rich history and amazing culture. Every country has its own tradition and history. You will see buildings that are old more than 1000 or 2000 years. If you want to experience it and to see something you cannot see anywhere else, treasures are in Europe.
  • Many students are coming to study in Europe, or they take a gap year.

These are just a few reasons for this long-distance move and getting a new experience does not have a price. More and more people are leaving the USA for Europe. You may learn a new language, meet new people and enjoy life somewhere else, outside of America.

Top European countries for cheese lovers

Which European countries are popular among US ex-pats and where to travel? The options are different and there is a lot that you can see in Europe, and of course, try. Food is something that connects people, and families, and it tells stories about culture.


When someone says CHEESE, most people think about Switzerland. And it is expected because it is one of the best countries known for cheeses. Swiss cheese is a world-famous cheese and it comes from Switzerland. Also, you have here a lot of farms and museums where you can try beautiful and unique cheeses. To settle down here permanently and to move smoothly from the USA to Switzerland, hire international reliable movers.

Cheese board.
The best cheese comes from Europe


One of the most visited countries in the world is France. It is not only known for cheese. Here you can get unique chocolate, croissant,  baguettes, macaroons, and other delicious food. Cheese in France comes in different styles and flavors, depending on the region and milk. Visit several fromageries where you can find different wedges. With beautiful cheeses, have a glass of French wine.


Italy is generally known for its world-famous food. Pasta, pizza, lasagna, cannoli, bruschetta – everyone loves Italian cousine. And of course, Italian cheeses are known worldwide. Some of the most famous and delicious Italian cheeses are Mozzarella, Gorgonzola (blue cheese), Parmigiano-Reggiano, Pecorino, Mascarpone, Ricotta, and Burrata. You have probably tried all of these types of cheeses, but when you try them in Italy, it is a totally new experience.


Manchego cheese comes from Spain. But, different Spanish regions have different types of cheese. Cabrales is also often used and delicious. Locals may give you the best advice on what to visit and try.

Czech Republic

Stinky cheese is on the rise in the Czech Republic – and there are 2 options – you will extremely love it, or you will hate it. This type of cheese is made in Olomouc. The Czech Republic is also known for its beers and sausages.

Hire an international moving company

If you are moving long-term to Europe, organize overseas relocation like a pro. It may sound scary at first because you are moving to another continent, but with a little help, it can be easy. Hiring a professional international moving company is one of the best choices for moving to another part of the world. A lot of information can be found on the official company’s websites such as To find an experienced company, visit different moving companies and check their online moving reviews.

Map of European countries for cheese lovers
Move to Europe from the USA stress-free

Shipping via sea is the most common type of moving overseas because it is affordable and you can move as many items as you want. Your job is to protect your furniture for the USA to Europe relocation and to make sure shipping is smooth and your items are safe. A full-service moving company will take care of packing, bill of lading, transportation, and storage. This way you can focus on other moving-related tasks and prepare all the documents for moving.

Enjoy Europe and travel

Visit all European countries for cheese lovers if you are able to. Food is only one part of Europe that is attractive to foreigners. Nature, climate, culture, history, tradition, languages, people, and lifestyle – it s all different in Europe. Getting that amazing experience cannot be compared to anything else.

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