All you need to know about the cost of living in Alexandria, LA

One of the most charming affordable cities in Louisiana to live and raise your family is definitely Alexandria. This city sits at the crossroads of the northern and southern Louisiana cultures. Even though it’s mainly known for the important historical and cultural significance to Central Louisiana, the city can offer you a good time when it comes to places to experience. You might come for a visit here, but the quality of life and the cost of living in Alexandria will make you want to move here for good, that much is certain.

Factors that influence the cost of living in Alexandria

Life in the big cities is barely affordable for someone with an average job. Smaller cities can offer almost everything big cities can and more, especially if you are a family person. The cost of living in Alexandria as in any area can vary based on many factors. Additionally, the top three factors would be your career, the real estate market of the area, and your annual salary. It is very important to do research about these factors in order to optimize your living expenses based on your possibilities as well as moderate your expectations.

health care worker with a face mask and gloves doing analysis
The city of Alexandria is the main health care center in Central Louisiana that features a large number of doctors, clinics, facilities, and hospitals

Job opportunities

Louisiana is a prime environment for natural resources, especially oil and natural gas. Agricultural industry and tourism are also on an envious level here. However, the predominant industries in the city of Alexandria are healthcare and light manufacturing companies (soap, chemicals, and fertilizers). These industries are providing a significant amount of jobs in the area.

Still, in these parts, thanks to a great geographical position and natural surroundings, Alexandria provides job opportunities to anyone in livestock, timber, and farming businesses. If your job is in any of the mentioned industries, this place will provide you good annual income to afford a comfortable family home here.

pelican landing on a water surface
A great number of pelicans settling these parts gave Louisiana its nickname “The Pelican State”

Median home cost

Median home cost is the biggest factor when it comes to the overall cost of living. Housing in Alexandria comparing to other cities in Louisiana, like Baton Rouge is 53% cheaper! That means very affordable homes you could raise your family in. According to U.S. Census Bureau data, the median value of owner-occupied housing units for the past 5 years in Alexandria is $148,900.

Reality vs. numbers when it comes to the cost of living in Alexandria

Now, $148,900 it’s not a small sum. However, taking into consideration factors such as predominant plantation architecture, historical style mansions, and surroundings, the median value number might trick you. Also, there are some amazing 2-3 bedroom houses starting from $60.000. The most popular neighborhood here includes Garden District, Hunters  Grove, Charles Park, and the Lake District.

The cost of living in Alexandria allows to own a plantation house surrounded by green trees.
Alexandria and the surrounding area have a lot of farm plantations, very specific for these parts

Every one of these places can offer a great community to start your new life with. So, when you decide to move to Alexandria, you will need some local assistance when relocating. In case you need a reliable helping hand, you can always count on experts from Zippy Shell Louisiana. Whether you are moving locally or long-distance, you will have experienced professionals doing all the work for you, without having to lift a finger.

Annual salary

The typical annual salary in any state depends on different occupational areas and surrounding factors. According to Living Wage Calculations, the annual salary in Alexandria can span from $19,244 (Food Preparation and Serving Related jobs) to $79,481 (Management jobs).

Smaller towns have the benefits of more affordable storage places than bigger cities

Often, we are not aware of the number of things we own. You will probably realize that too late in the packing process. But still, it’s important that we bring our precious possessions with us to our new home. In such cases, you might want to consider renting a safe storage space with a recommendable local company. It can be temporary, or long-term storage, it’s up to you. That way, you will keep your items protected and avoid stress that usually follows the relocation process.

People in a New Orleans street discuss cost of living in Alexandria.
Only a couple of hours away, the vibrant city of New Orleans can offer you some amazing things to experience

The amazing quality of life for your family

The cost of living in Alexandria aside, if you’re looking for an affordable charming town with big-city amenities, this is the best place to live in. Alexandria and the surrounding area have really grown over the past few years, with new subdivisions growing everywhere. The heart of Louisiana can offer you some great things such as:

  • world-class airport,
  • the great outdoors (even National Geographic named Alexandria as one of the top ten ”wilderness towns” in the US and made it a must be seen location in Louisiana),
  • the multicultural community (Louisiana is home to many Cajun and Creole residents. These cross-cultural mixes of Anglo-American, Spanish, Canadian, German and French Creole, makes the Louisiana community as diverse as it can be),
  • a great healthcare system (healthcare industry is what the people of Alexandria are most proud of),
  • affordable quality homes  (you will be amazed by the varieties of styles and historic buildings Alexandria and surrounding cities can offer.)
swamp in high grass forest
The city of Alexandria has a lot of bayous and man-made lake very specific for these parts

Free recreation possibilities

You may have noticed that in Alexandria many neighborhoods in their names have toponyms related to nature. Often, you can hear words such as “garden, park, lake ...” The fact is, this city is surrounded by extraordinary nature. If you are into outdoor activities and a nature lover, Alexandria outdoors is the perfect place for you. With barely any expense, just a few minutes away, you can enjoy the recreational area of the Kisatchie National Forest.

A few final notes

Not many people can resist the charms of this small town in the Heart of Louisiana. However, it’s not only about the cost of living in Alexandria, which is way more affordable than in many surrounding cities. Its central location and relatively close proximity to bigger cities like Baton Rouge and New Orleans make this city a perfect place for business, retail, health care centers, and transportation region of nine counties. The main thing that makes this place special is the diversity of cultures and industries it offers. Like many small towns, the only way to experience it is to become a part of it, and in Alexandria’s case, that won’t be the problem. The local community will always lend you a helping hand because that’s how these kinds of towns work.

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