All you need to know about local moving companies in New York

We will discuss local moving companies in New York because there are so many of them nowadays. It’s hard to choose. So, we will do our best to show you how to choose and what to look for when hiring professional movers. Hiring them is of course the best and the easiest way to relocate – but only if you find good ones. If you do manage that you will be able to have a completely hassle-free relocation. That way you can focus on more pressing matters in your life like your new home, kids, job, and such.

Where to look for local moving companies in New York

The easiest answer to this question is – online. Internet is the only tool that can show you all the movers near you which is very convenient. There are websites that do just that – show you all the movers in the area you choose. But you can always turn on location and google “moving companies near me”. You will get a list of the ones with the best scores. Also, you can use moving apps. Most of them can help you to find the professional help you need for your upcoming relocation. But they can be a bit limited since not all movers work with suitable apps.

A professional mover among moving boxes.
There are so many moving companies you can choose from in NYC.

Let’s talk about prices now

This might be one of the biggest concerns sometimes. People often assume that hiring one of the local moving companies in New York will be extremely expensive since everything is in this city. But that is not the case. Nowadays there are so many movers around they simply can’t afford to be expensive if they want to stay in business. That is good for you obviously. Most of them will give you a free moving estimate online. That way you can compare the prices and plan your budget accordingly. So before you decide check their website to see the prices.

Services most local moving companies in New York are offering nowadays

In order to be there for you and with you every step of the way during your move most of the movers have many additional services. They do this to attract customers of course and it’s working! Most of them have packing services, storage, furniture assembly, junk removal, or something similar. Renting plastic bins is becoming very popular too. There are many reasons to opt for this service and one of them is thinking about the environment. No more moving boxes! Plastic bins are safer for your household items since they are very firm and get recycled over and over again.

Interview them

Don’t be shy, interview them. You are hiring them and paying good money. It’s ok to ask everything you can think of. Call them, and ask everything you want to know. They will gladly explain and guide you through the process of relocation. That’s what customer service is for.

A handshake after hiring professional movers
To ensure that you are happy and satisfied with your movers make sure to talk to them and explain to them everything you need. You will see that the more they know about your wishes the easier their job will be for them. So, don’t hesitate – let them know!

Additional services most local moving companies in New York can offer you

We already mentioned that most moving companies have those convenient additional services and here is a list of the ones that most local moving companies in New York have :

  • packing/unpacking
  • packing material
  • plastic bins
  • loading/unloading
  • heavy lifting
  • assembly
  • piano moving
  • vehicle moving
  • art moving
  • storage (regular and temperature-controlled)
  • self-storage
  • senior relocation
  • pet relocation
  • red carpet moving

Those are just the most common ones, there is so much more and that’s why it’s important to check the website first. For example, if you check out you will see all the benefits of renting plastic bins but you will also see how it works.

The most important part of the research

We recommend that you read the reviews of each and every one mover you find online. Don’t read just on their website. Check out Yelp and Google too! That will give you the best insight into that specific company. Also, make sure after you are done with your relocation that you leave the review for movers too. Let other people see your experience. That will be a big help to someone one day so don’t forget to do this!

A woman reading the reviews on her laptop
Don’t forget to leave feedback.

Moving insurance

Do you know about moving insurance? This is not regular insurance but it works similarly. This is a contract you sign with movers once you agree on your relocation and all the services you will be getting. After an estimate, they give you a price that they are willing to pay in case something happens to your household items. This can be very good and practical so ask your movers about it and see if it fits your budget.

Short notice

Many moving companies will be able to relocate you on short notice. Even if it’s for tomorrow. Of course, you have to ask them, not all of them can do this but many will. Some can even do it discreetly. If you don’t have the time to do it, they can even pack you quickly. That is very convenient for many.

Special and quirky services

In order to attract people moving companies are trying to stand out every way they can. Especially in a huge city like NYC. So now you will be able to see movers working only in their underwear showing their muscles for example. That is quite quirky and unnecessary but people remember that sort of thing and that is a way to ensure that you remember them. Quite a bit of a marketing trick actually.

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